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  1. Todd n Natalie

    Old EV's?

    Pretty interesting article.
  2. Todd n Natalie

    2018 Power Wagon with AEV stuff

    Not mine. Just found it perusing Power Wagon's. Looks like it has the AEV Bumper and flares already. Definitely needs bigger tires!!
  3. Todd n Natalie

    Tom Hanks FJ-40 4 sale

    Might as well keep the Tom Hanks theme going....
  4. Todd n Natalie

    Jeep gives Wrangler 1.5" lift, 35" tires and 4.88 gears..

    I think the competition the Bronco brought is a good thing....
  5. Todd n Natalie

    2022 Ford Ranger

    First time I've seen reg cab long box spy shots. Not sure if North America will get this version. In the photos it almost looks a big as a T100 or 1st gen Tundra. Article says it will be a bit bigger than the current one.
  6. Todd n Natalie

    Diesel 4 speed manual Class C

    Can't say I've ever seen a Class C with with a manual transmission before:
  7. Todd n Natalie

    Less than 10K '82 F150 on Bat

    Already at 14K with 3 days to go. Bet it ends up selling north of 50K. Crazy that there is this much demand for bare bones '80's trucks.
  8. Todd n Natalie

    2,500 mile '92 Bronco

    Just a basic Bronco but I kinda like it. Curious what it'll go for. Low mileage older 4x4 seem to be bringing stupid money.
  9. Todd n Natalie

    2001 7.3 F350 + Camper $7,500

    Looks like it needs some love. But, that seems like a pretty good price for a 7.3L, no?
  10. Todd n Natalie

    'Brand new' 2014 FJ Cruiser

    Only 650 miles. I wonder what this will bring. Mileage is almost too low to drive it now....
  11. Todd n Natalie

    Canoo EV cab over / camper truck thing...

    Looks like a neat idea.
  12. Todd n Natalie

    1973 Ford Boogie van under 1,000 miles

    Not related. Don't know if it's legit. But, it's pretty neat.
  13. Todd n Natalie

    2022 Nissan Frontier unveiled

    Pretty good looking truck actually!
  14. Todd n Natalie

    2021 F150 Raptor... optional 37's and optional V8 coming...
  15. Todd n Natalie

    Alaskan style pop up - $2,000 CDN

    No affiliation. Just saw it poking around and thought it was neat.
  16. Todd n Natalie

    2022 Land Cruiser 300 series

    Interesting article. I guess we'll see what comes out in April?
  17. Todd n Natalie

    Cummins Earthroamer on BaT for 25 K current bid.

    Wonder what it'll go for?
  18. Todd n Natalie

    A FWD Defender??
  19. Todd n Natalie

    2021 F150 Tremor - updated build and price now available.

    Could be? It would make sense given the Super Duty and Ranger Tremor packages. Plus they need a truck to compete against the Rebel and Trail Boss.... That's a lot of rake....
  20. Todd n Natalie

    Another Quigley Express 4x4

    Thought with the USD to CDN conversion, these might make for decent buys?