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    SOLD Used James Baroud Evasion Evo

    Like the title says, used James Baroud Evo. I purchased this tent used last year. The gas struts were extremely stiff (perfect working order just very strong) as they are 100lb struts. I have MS and found them too difficult to close alone so swapped them out for 70lb struts and found them...
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    How NOT to flat tow your Rubicon

    Having worked in the auto insurance claims industry for too many years I'm sad to say that, depending on the company, this would probably be covered. We had a saying "there's is NO stupidity clause in the policy." I was forced to pay for an entire drive line from some idiot getting stuck and...
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    James Baroud lifting arm adjustment

    Is there any way to adjust the stiffness in the lifting arms on a JB Evo? My last one (which my wife drove into a low parking garage) could be closed with one hand. I bought a used replacement which is an older model and I can't close it by myself at all. I even stood on the bedrail of my...
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    Four Wheel Camper 300' Rollover

    I don't know if this has been posted but think Four Wheel Camper should use it in their sales brochures.
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    M100 - What to do with it?

    I picked up a 1951 M100 1/4 ton jeep trailer the other day. I bought it sight unseen as it belonged to a friend and he needed some cash due to the whole Covid lockdown. He dropped it off Thursday and while it wasn't as good as I had hoped it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared. He had said there...
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    NATO G Wagons

    Being a military vehicle collector I'm always on the lookout for new and unusual items. I came across these and thought they could serve a dual purpose with a couple of my hobbies. They're a little out of my price range once you take into consideration the import costs but thought I'd pass...
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    Growler ITV Just started selling

    It appears to be an extremely capable offroad vehicle but you'd probably need a trailer to haul all of your gear. Fortunately the M1163 is designed to tow a small artillery piece so should pull a Turtleback without too much trouble. The 1st of these sold on yesterday with the 4...
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    Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route July 2018

    The "In Progress" part of the adventure doesn't start until tomorrow morning but wanted to get the thread started and moved over from the planning thread. While it doesn't kick off until tomorrow at 0600 the truck is loaded, fueled, and ready to roll.
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    Big Bend National Park - Nov 2017

    After a year of planning and everyone in the group bailing on me the week before the trip I finally made it back to Big Bend National Park. This is a 7 hour drive from home and I already live in Central TX so can see why not as many folks make it out there compared to some of the other National...
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    Anyone Running a Dobinsons Sensu Awning

    Searching for an inexpensive 270° awning and came across the Dobinsons Sensu. Anyone tried it? So far it's the first sub-$500 one I've located. I of course love the AluCab awning but can't justify the cost for something that, at most, will be used maybe 21 days per year. The MRS would just...
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    2015 Titan Pro 4X Build

    So the planning stages of my truck build are underway. How long the planning stage lasts and the actual build begins depends on a couple of factors (one of which is if I can sell my expo trailer project. What I'm starting with is a 2015 Nissan Titan Pro 4X with about 34,000 miles. The...
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    Wilco Hitchgate Spare Tire Carrier

    Has anyone used one of these? Having limited aftermarket options on the Nissan Titan I haven't been able to find a rear bumper with integrated spare tire carrier. I came across this while just searching for aftermarket parts in general and was curious how stable it was. Having a single point...
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    M101/M116 Check Those Wheel Bearings!

    I'm working on an expedition trailer build based on a M116A2 generator trailer. This is the same frame and axle as the M101A2 so is relevant to anyone working on those trailers. I was hoping to swap out to a different axle to match the wife's Nissan Titan 6x5.5 bolt pattern. Other than...
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    Wiring For Dummies?

    I'm getting started on my expedition trailer build and I've got more than a few questions regarding wiring. Setting the actual trailer up is no problem. I've been doing automotive wiring on cars since well before I could drive them so lights, brakes, etc is no big deal. What I have no clue about...