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  1. Scott Brady

    Near New CVT Summit Shasta Tent and CBI Tacoma Rack For Sale

    One of our team members (Paula) is selling her near new CVT Shasta EV Summit Stargazer Hybrid Roof Tent with extended fly, annex, rain fly, and floor. She is also selling her Gen. 2 Tacoma CBI OffRoad bed rack. Tent was used twice. Rack has been on the truck for just over a year. No notable...
  2. Scott Brady

    ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project

    It has been such a long time since we embarked on a new project vehicle. Crazy to think it has been over 10 years since the Discovery I project and that I have been driving the G-Wagen for over a decade (finished that project over four years ago). So, in mid-2018 I purchased a 2007 GX470 as a...
  3. Scott Brady

    15% Off Overland Expo East :: Promo Code

    The Overland Expo is one of the most exciting events of the year, a chance to reconnect with friends, listen to stories of adventure, and explore the newest products for overlanding. While the west show has been huge in recent years, the east event is also growing, and now changing venues to...
  4. Scott Brady

    Interesting complete overland package from ARB.

    This is a new idea rolling everything together into one kit for the Wrangler JL and giving a discount (I bet money is saved on shipping too, with a couple pallets LTL). Talk about Christmas when that box shows up...
  5. Scott Brady

    New AEV Recovery Ropes Announced

    These ropes look good at first brush. I particularly like the proper labeling and the color-coding. Some of their field images show a unique pulley block too; maybe that will be released at a later date.
  6. Scott Brady

    Rocky Mountain Overland Rally Event Report

    Looks like everyone had an amazing time at the event and that Ray and team did an amazing job! Stephen from our team was in attendance and put together this overview.
  7. Scott Brady

    Drive a HiLux across the Greenland Icecap?

    Expeditions 7 continues with an adventure crossing the Greenland Ice Sheet. The goal is to travel from west to east and south to north. There is also a seat available with the team for auction through the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum, with all proceeds supporting the museum (501c3) Read more...
  8. Scott Brady

    Cyber Monday :: Overland Journal up to 50% off!

    Cyber Monday :: Up to 50% off Overland Journal Our biggest sale of the year, including 20% off all subscriptions and merchandise, plus 50% off all back issues. Overland Journal is an independent, employee-owned adventure travel publication that features global...
  9. Scott Brady

    Overland Journal Subscription Promotion :: A $23 Savings

    We just launched a subscription promotion specifically for Expedition Portal members. Get a reduced subscription rate and some fun free swag. LIMITED QUANTITIES
  10. Scott Brady

    SEMA 2016

    Post up your SEMA fodder. Here is our project G-Wagen, just before we drove it to Lost Wages and placement in the COMEUP Winch booth.
  11. Scott Brady

    Expedition 65: A Wander Through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

    I just arrived in Bogota and picked up the 1200 GS from my buddy Micho at Elephant. Spending the day packing and inspecting the bike, installing some 40mm bar risers and a tank bag for my camera. Over the past week I have been documenting the gear I will use for nearly six weeks and about...
  12. Scott Brady

    Carters Shovels in Stock at Rovers North

    These things have been unobtanium. Just a little public service announcement for those who care about such obscure Land Rover / Camel Trophy geekiness. . . $49 too, which seems almost free.
  13. Scott Brady

    Range Rover Classic ESA Dash Light

    Has anyone figured out the proper way to disable the yellow dash light for the 1995 RRC ESA? I am not interested in putting electrical tape over it, etc. Is there an override module available? Best practice? There has been some discussion about removing all of the relays and modules, but...
  14. Scott Brady

    What do you use for a truck gun?

    The more firearms training I get, the more I tend to lean on the carbine for solving problems (furry and felon). The only real advantage to a pistol is size and concealability/packability, but quick access to a rifle makes a lot more sense for camp defense, hunting, survival, StuffHTF, etc. I...
  15. Scott Brady

    Land Rover Wheels :: A Squillion of them

    We have a ton of wheels from various projects. I will sell single wheels from the sets of SIX only Set of SIX minty fresh MOD Wolf Wheels. These are the real deal military Defender wheels. No damage, but they are military wheels, so some scratches and imperfections. $420 for all + shipping...
  16. Scott Brady

    Overland Journal Spring Cleaning Garage Sale 2016

    It is just easier to run most of this stuff through Ebay, but it is all available to forum member too, through either the auction or as a direct sale (buy it now) with Paypal. KLR Soft Luggage System...
  17. Scott Brady

    Dempster to Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic Ocean

    Nine years ago I drove to the Arctic Ocean in a Tacoma, a trip that would help launch Overland Journal and a decade of travel. I am now in the airport waiting to fly north to Whitehorse and drive the same route again, although this time with three American Expedition Vehicles, a few RAMs and a...
  18. Scott Brady

    2017 TRD Pro Tacoma

    This truck is awesome. We enjoyed driving it all the way to Prudhoe Bay earlier this winter. Here is my initial review Some of the cool new hardware: Rigid Industries LED fog lights Fox Front Internal Bypass Shocks tuned by TRD engineers 1-inch taller front coil springs. Fox Rear Shocks with...
  19. Scott Brady

    SHOT Show: Post your pics and impressions

    I just attended my first SHOT show and was impressed by some of the quality outdoor gear available. Certainly there were some awesome guns on display too. Here are a few of my favorites. Yours? Monster insulation Pelican cooler Lightforce has a ton of new LEDs available, including some...
  20. Scott Brady

    SEMA 2015: Official Thread

    SEMA 2015 is off to an exciting start. The Overland Journal / HEMA Maps Land Cruiser is on display right in front of the North hall Looking forward to seeing people at the event. We will try to hang around the Toyota at the start of the morning and at the end or the day