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  1. colb45

    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    Question for existing owners since I have not been able to see one in person yet. Is it possible to have rear recovery points fabricated or incorporated with these trailers? We tend to go down fairly technical trails year round, especially in the winter time I feel like there will potential...
  2. colb45

    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    On the same thought pattern.. I personally do not know of enough about trailers yet (not enough research or time spent). However, if the trailer frame itself is built as solid as described, plus a skid plate adds that additional cross rigidity it logic tells it should. This is basing on...
  3. colb45

    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    Anyone located around the Vancouver, BC area that owns a Summit trailer that my wife and I would be able to take a look at? Would like to see one in person before we pull the trigger on it. Also I noticed they do not have rear recovery points, I figure a decent fabricator would be able to add...
  4. colb45

    Drug Dealer?

    I run this Blue Sea isolator -, so when I hook up my solar. I top off my deep cycle and then manually connect them to float my front. I did upgrade my primary start battery as well. Solar running a 200watt blanket...
  5. colb45

    LR3 dog stuff

    For the tail gate, my plan one of these days was to dismantle it and wrap the carpet with a thing rubber liner (probably glue it to the carpet or tear off the carpet completely so its rubberized. Hopefully keep that zone cleaner
  6. colb45

    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    Where did you score those latches? Did they come with the striker pins?
  7. colb45

    Aluminum cover for RTT???

    Sometimes if the trails are brutally over grown ill throw a single max track between my light bar and tent. Use a ratchet strap to hold it in place. Works really well when your blasting your way through a trail at low speeds....
  8. colb45

    Moving my ARB Air Compressor?

    Here is my dual set up.
  9. colb45

    Snow Wheeling - Let's talk pressures & Terrain Response/DSC

    Running with an RTT and lots of gear. Normal gravel I run around 25 front and rear (max speeds i am doing is 40-50km, if that usually just cruising along enjoying the scenery), the load out of gear I run defeats the whole race car speed situation. Snow depends on the situation, depth and what...
  10. colb45

    LR4 - remove 3rd row seats

    Ill pulled my 2nd and 3rd rows. 3rd row probably 50-75lbs guessing and 2nd row probably around the 75lb mark for each seat segment. I noticed having them gone the weight was nicely offset once the gear was in.
  11. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    Current Project - Distribution block for power on the drivers side and relay block. This will then power the twin arb compressor, Light bars, ARB Linx system and any other future mods. My number one goal with this project is to keep it as hidden as possible. So far pretty happy with the work...
  12. colb45

    Interior Light Bulbs - lR3

    I swapped mine out a while back was happy with the results. Was a fleabay kit, no complaints. Could be bad luck with the bulbs?
  13. colb45

    Lr3 tail gate storage?

    Not sure if it has been done, most have the LR3s have the sub in the tail gate.
  14. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    Being in Canada, with our conversion to USD then shipping (which is astronomical for large items). I am not really sure dollar for dollar, had a different vision than what most bumpers had on the market.
  15. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    Installed and completed. I do have the PIAA covers for my fogs will be debating on running them.
  16. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    IID Tool just programmed them out. Commited to the no sensor route with the rear bumper project (spare tire carrier and jerry can holder) those would just set it off all the time.
  17. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    Still on EAS, the ARB dual is for other duties. Company is base out of Canada, I did use the TR as insipration. Biggest challenge was stuffing away that zeon 10, keeping approach angles and easy of using the winch as well was a big ticket. By product of it was the quad fogs, needed access for...
  18. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    Also stuffed away my dual ARB.. next is wiring everything up with my ARB Linx system
  19. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    Finally after 2 or so years of planning and trying to figure out a bumper route. Bit the bullet and had one made. Front middles will be an additional set of fogs, had to create an access for bolting everything on. Next is rear bumper, with a tire carrier, dual jerry can holder and few other bits.