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  1. spressomon

    Removable table for slide-in camper

    Upon first use of our then new to us Escape 15A I knew that wobbly piece of ******** had to go. I ended up having a shop weld a SS tube to heavy SS base with 80/20 sliding top I figured out, so it could slide to/fro for access to our permanent dining table. If you need removable you might need...
  2. spressomon

    SOLD: Like new Victron BlueSolar 100/50 MPPT Solar Controller

    SOLD. Have two of these and needed a smaller 15/75 for a portable panel so don't need this one any longer. I purchased it new February 2021. Functions as new. $225 shipped to lower 48
  3. spressomon

    Kimberley Kamper Sports RV 2009

    Good luck with the sale! That was mine originally :). That thing has sponsored more smiles than we all know!
  4. spressomon

    Vagabond Outdoors Drifter

    Good friend of coming up on 2 years since giving Vagabond 50% down for a Nomad. Communication has been difficult to none from what he has relayed to me. Original timeline to pick up was just under a year but its been "...we'll have it ready for you next month..." and months and...
  5. spressomon

    Garmin Overlander

    Another little gripe: The path line for Track Recorder is black. Why not a shade/color that is not similar/same to the trail "color/s" displayed in Explore mode (topo)? Even better, with just a little coding the operator could select the color for Track Recorder. Ok, another little...
  6. spressomon

    Garmin Overlander

    Putting the new Overlander to an in-field test this week. I miss the ability to quickly, on the fly, measure distance to objects on the Overlander. Ditto elevation display. Ala Lowrance. But portability, mag mount, etc, are very useful.
  7. spressomon

    Garmin Overlander

    ^ Exactly!
  8. spressomon

    Garmin Overlander

    Basecamp with updates on MBPro doesn't see the Explorer side of the Overlander; invisible. Plug/unplug/reboot both devices, etc., ad nauseam to no way. Its just another product emblematic of so many half-baked products today, that marketing departments convince us of otherwise. I just wish...
  9. spressomon

    Garmin Overlander

    So, I bought an Overlander apart of the rebate dealio. I'm really trying to like it...but... From the Mac OS side its super bulky, slow and fat. And communication between the device and MBPro is sloooooooow. Not impressed so far. Overlander screen brightness is a bit on the anemic side...
  10. spressomon

    Quick pitch style vehicle mounted shower enclosures

    What Frenchie said + all the vehicle mounted shower/potty enclosures I've seen are not fully baked. Yeah, if its calm and quite warm they work OK. But throw in wind (typical in the desert west...) and colder temps, typical especially for shoulder months and/or higher elevation camping, and...
  11. spressomon

    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    For "high" wind conditions (north of 20mph) I recommend the Maggiolina instead of the Columbus...unless you can sleep next to rolling freight trains or 18-wheelers. I've had both, although I've got 10+ years with my Columbus...but I've had a few sleepless nights where the winds were strong (in...
  12. spressomon

    Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread

    This is how I solved my hate issue with the windscreen supports that come with PS stoves. It takes 30-seconds longer to set-up/take down but they're solid, unaffected by any amount and direction of wind and nothing to catch clothing, etc., on. #134
  13. spressomon

    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    Per above: "NW" must be a typo and should be NM = NewtonMeters. 6NM = 53inlbs
  14. spressomon

    Down Comforters

    Over 10-years ago I bought a down comforter from Feathered Friends. Had them add extra down and also a zippered lightweight nylon taffeta cover. I have used it extensively in all the RTTs, the Kimberley Kamper, the Kodiak tent and now the Escape 15A down to upper teens temps and it has never...
  15. spressomon

    Why 41ºF threshold for Victron Smart Battery Sense...

    Tried to register on Victron's Q&A site but its...broken. Using Victron MPPT controllers and their Smart Battery Sense to stop charge current when the LiFePO4 battery pack is at or below freezing. But to utilize the pre-set perimeters for their MPPT controllers the low temperature cut-off...
  16. spressomon

    Requesting assistance from the solar gurus...

    Just a quick follow up: The two top panels (200w each) which are always exposed to sky are connected in parallel are connected to the bottom pair of panels (200w each) in series are working out great! Most days, when the 6500w LFP battery needs sufficient charge, I am getting 550-600w...
  17. spressomon

    Cook Partner stove FAQ / Master thread

    ^ From the PS/CP website (9th pic): It basically looks like a Schrader valve.
  18. spressomon

    Autohome Overland RTT Question

    I used an old FrontRunner rack to mount my Columbus to my UZJ100. It is very low profile and was a bit of a PITA to get all attachment point nuts and washers installed and tightened due to how close the rack sits to the roof. Two things that helped me: Raise and support the rack to get...
  19. spressomon

    Requesting assistance from the solar gurus...

    ^ I thought about each pair on separate controllers but I'd prefer not to run another pair of wires to the battery box on the nose of the trailer.