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  1. LaOutbackTrail

    2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad, built.

    Hi Guys, I am selling my very clean and well appointed Tacoma TRD Off-Road. With less than 6000 miles, it just received its first 5000mile maintenance in June! This truck has a transferable 2-year free maintenance program through Toyota. The truck is outfitted with: -ARB Front bumper...
  2. LaOutbackTrail

    SOLD-Solomon boots size 11

    I have some barely used boots that I would only wear during snow events. The soles show almost no wear. They're a few years old, I don't remember when I bought them. Size 11.5 and too big for my 10.5 foot without heavy socks. $30shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. LaOutbackTrail

    Lightweight gear for 100 series

    Just bought a 2000 LX470 (100) today and will begin outfitting it in a couple of weeks. Will start with OME lift and new tires. Then will move on towards bumpers front and rear. I know it is counterintuitive to some, but I want to build the truck with lighter weight gear. These are already...
  4. LaOutbackTrail

    WTB Youth backpack

    Looking for a youth backpacking pack for my 9 year old daughter. Her torso is 15". Needing 35-50liter capacity. Prefer an adjustable pack to grow with her then pass down to my 3 year old daughter when she's older. What do you have? Thanks
  5. LaOutbackTrail

    1995 Mitsubishi Montero SR, Overland Ready. DFW, Texas

    Up for sale is my 1995 Mitsubishi Montero in the SR Trim level. I have outfitted this truck for overland travel and it has served its purpose well. Current mileage is approximately 137k. We purchased it with 117k nearly 4 years ago, the truck has been used almost exclusively as a trip vehicle...
  6. LaOutbackTrail

    UK Pajero owners near Manchester? Parts yards?

    Gents, are there any expo members in the UK near Manchester? Looking to spend a day going through what we call salvage yards, junk yards, wrecker, pick-n pull, etc. Where wrecked cars are taken so parts can be sold. We have two different type here, the kind where the facility pulls the parts...
  7. LaOutbackTrail

    Snorkel 'Fishbowl' Pre cleaner

    I bought this a few years ago here on ExPo and never used it. I'm trying to remove the unnecessary stuff from the garage and would like this to go to a good home. This will not fit a standard safari snorkel without an adapter. I think I paid about $50 shipped and would like the same to get...
  8. LaOutbackTrail

    International tire size availability

    I know this is a hit or miss subject and boils down to pure luck, but I'm wondering what the common tire sizes are internationally? Obviously, this would be in regards to our mode of travel. Thoughts on this subject?
  9. LaOutbackTrail

    SOLD! Danner USMC Rat Hot Boot, Szie 10.5 "The Break Room" second quality.

    SOLD! Hey guys, The Expedition Portal team posted about some fatory "second quality" boots that the Danner Factory had at a discounted price of $79. I've tried them on and walked around the house but, as luck would have it, they're a bit too big (wide) for my skinny feet...
  10. LaOutbackTrail

    Needed:Diff lock compressor

    Hey guys, It seems the diff lock compressor was another casualty. Anyone have a spare that I can buy? We're headed out to the Rockies in a few days and I'd like to have the option of the easy button...
  11. LaOutbackTrail

    Torsion bar installation

    Hey guys, I just picked up the Ironman tbars. I've never really mucked about with tbars except for cranking them on the monty. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or tips for removing the old and installing the new? The FSM is vague, to say the least. Thanks in advance.
  12. LaOutbackTrail

    FS: Hennessey hammock.

    Sold. Used Hennessey Expedition Classic ASYM hammock. A few years old, used maybe 6 nights. Good shape still. I want to buy some camp kitchen gear with the funds. Looking for $100 obo.
  13. LaOutbackTrail

    LaOutbackTrail's trailer build

    Hey guys, I finally started on my trailer build. Honestly, I've taken most of my notes from Box Rocket's build. Essentially, my neighbor had almost to the inch what I wanted to begin building the trailer. So I house and dog sat for them one weekend and he gave me the material. Then I set off...
  14. LaOutbackTrail

    Trailer axle decisions...

    Im about to build a 4'x5.5' trailer and i'm considering three options. First is the prefabbed 2000lb leaf sprung axle kits available at northern tool. Second 2000 lb torsion axle from same source.... Third a straight axle sprung with toyota leaf springs. Thoughts? Sent telepathically with...
  15. LaOutbackTrail

    Tablet for photo editing?

    Gents, I'm wanting a tablet for navigation and photo editing. I think I've narrowed my choices down to an Ipad (although I have no idea which one to buy!!) and Sony Xperia Tablet Z (it's to be released at the end of the month, and said to be one of the best and fastest android tablets...). My...
  16. LaOutbackTrail

    Best tablets for navigation?

    Hey guys, I really hate to ask this question, but with the way technology changes so rapidly the information found on here is already pretty out of date. I'm trying to find the best tablet, whether it be Android or Apple based, with the primary emphasis on stand alone GPS navigation, photo...
  17. LaOutbackTrail

    Mass Airflow sensor needed

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a MAF and possibly the computer on the passenger footwell of the montero. Looks to be the same part # from years 1992-2000 3.0 or 3.5L. Anyone have a parts truck?
  18. LaOutbackTrail

    LR3 Airbag Failures?

    Hey guys, somewhere on Expo, I saw a photo of a LR3/LR4 that was stuck in the desert with deflated airbags. Not trying to be a smart *** but trying to find the pic to show a friend with an LR3.... Any help?
  19. LaOutbackTrail

    Monty in Moab, trails to take?

    Hey guys, Would the Moab frequenters mind giving a few recommendations on trails to take in Moab? We (wife and two daughters) may be passing through there this summer so would like a couple of moderate trails to tackle. I'd prefer those with MINIMAL chance of roll over. I particularly dislike...
  20. LaOutbackTrail

    Smittybilt Trailshade canopy

    Howdy, Used twice... don't need it. Coyote tan. $40 shipped.