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  1. TexasTJ

    Low Profile RTT mount on an LR3???

    What options are there out there for low profile mounting for a RTT right onto the LR3 roof rails. The Land Rover roof rails are to high, I would want to find a way to have the Tent no more that 2 inches off the glass roof. I would be ditching the Roof Rack of course, as it is now if I put the...
  2. TexasTJ

    Electronic Parking Brake Gears?

    I found a Kit for replacement gears for the EPB, has anyone tried these of opened up the Actuator? Mine works but is starting to wear so aim thinking about this option.
  3. TexasTJ

    Installing a side case on a LR3/4

    Dose intone know if there is a write up to install a pelican case on the side of an LR3/4 like this???
  4. TexasTJ

    Replacement air coil?

    So I need to replace my passenger side Air Coil. Should I go a head and do both from coils? 2008 LR3 with 150k.
  5. TexasTJ

    Airbag code 2006 LR3

    My Wife’s 2005 LR3 with 190k on the clock just through an airbag warning light with a fault code of B0001-1B (AF). Anyone have an idea what it might be? Also her Cruse control buttons are dickie. I’m thinking maybe the clocking spring? Any thoughts???
  6. TexasTJ

    GAP DII to troubleshoot yellow suspension fault?

    I have gotten a yellow suspension fault three time in the last three weeks, twice today. It has been happens when I am driving over an hour. I have a three year old AMK compressor and it dose not look like I have a bad height sensor on the off-road screen. Can I use the GAP DII to diagnosis a...
  7. TexasTJ

    The things you find on top of your skid plate.

    The things you find on top of your skid plate.
  8. TexasTJ

    ARB fridge stopped working off battery???

    My ARB fridge has been wired into the battery on my LR3 three for Four years with the ARB wording kit and a 100watt solar to keep the battery topped. Yesterday I went to put beer in it and it was off. Not like it had tripped the sensor but like it had no power. When I got home I plugged into...
  9. TexasTJ

    Yeti Ramblers (Austin Texas)

    I have two yeti Rambles I am looking to sell $10 each both with Mag lids. On is 20oz and one is 30oz. They are in South Austin probably not worth shipping but hey if you want it that bad I could see what I could do.
  10. TexasTJ

    Should have used a sawzall! (Graphic content) 🤣

    Lesson have to be learned. She should have used a sawzall on that old series III Yes I know it’s a Halloween costume
  11. TexasTJ

    LR3 Dash Cover...

    I Know this has a thread somewhere but its not showing up in the search. But are than any good non plastic non carpet solution to cover a cracking LR3 dash? My wife hates the carpet. I have looked into M4's Leather cover is really expensive and needs an custom interior guy to install it, plus...
  12. TexasTJ

    Discovery 3 roof trim???

    What is this bit of trim called? I need the one for the drivers side (US) for my truck. I’m trying to run my solar wires and cut mine in a way I don’t like today.
  13. TexasTJ

    Spray Paint my Landy!

    I really do not like the Zermatt Paint on my Discovery and I am seriously thinking its time to paint my truck Sand Glow! Aside from generally not liking silver cars the quality of the thickness of Land Rover Zermatt seems subpar. It chips from eye contact. Now I just need to decide is I'm...
  14. TexasTJ

    Unlimited to a Waggie conversion!!!

    @jscherb when can you get started on this!!!! If I got another Wrangler this would defiantly be my path!!!!
  15. TexasTJ


    I’m going to leave this here. 🤨 not trolling just not sure about it. If you want more info go to the thread in the Jeep forum.
  16. TexasTJ

    LR3 sun roof Rattle

    So they asked about this before but it’s Speed‘s are on bumpy roads my sunroof rattles. It does not leak and it’s not the end of the world but it is a little bit annoying as I like a quiet cab. Any ideas on a fix Besides shoving a piece of Styrofoam in the gap.
  17. TexasTJ

    Solar set up Battary?

    I just received my Renogy solar charge system and am looking to set it up this weekend. I'm looking through the instruction and it notes that I should use a Deep cycle battery. I have just been planning to use this to top off my start battery witch also runs my ARB Fridge. If I tie this into...
  18. TexasTJ

    Discos going Solar.

    Well it’s getting a solar panel any way. I plan to wire it up On the front of the roof rack on a Hinge So I can prop it up at a 45 or leave it flat. This 100watt panel will be perfect to keep the battery charged up and the fridge running when I leave the truck at the airport or the trail head.
  19. TexasTJ

    For Sale 1994 FJ 80

    My buddy is selling his beautiful super clean 1994 Land Cruiser 80 in Austin Texas. It’s listed in the for sale section too.
  20. TexasTJ

    1994 FJ 80 Land Cruiser

    My Buddy is selling his beautiful FJ 80 in Texas.