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  1. freeze


    Hi Expo! I haven't been on forums for quite sometime so hope I remember how this all works. I've been pretty heavy in the Toyota 4WD side and still very much at home with Toyota's. I've had the mis-fortune of putting a dent in the C Pillar of my 4th Gen 4Runner and insurance was very...
  2. freeze

    The future of 4WD?!

    From what we're getting a feel for these days is the future of 4WD is not in expedition only or rock crawling specific etc... but a combination. The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the internet, communication, and media. It's making a trip to the US or Africa much more obtainable...
  3. freeze

    Anyone with a RTT set up with a Topper

    Just wanting to see who has a RTT set up with a camper top/Topper on a Second Gen Tacoma. What kind of rack are you using and the tent set up? Does the bedsides flare out when you're sleeping in it? This is my truck that will eventually get a RTT. Thank you,