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  1. Bahnstoermer

    100 Series Family Adventure Rig

    Great thread!
  2. Bahnstoermer

    ER 121 For Sale (Reluctantly)

    Cool truck. You're advertising a year in advance? ("Summer 2014 availability")
  3. Bahnstoermer

    PAY BACK — T100

    Loving it!! Great work brother!
  4. Bahnstoermer

    Road & Track reviews the 2014Runner

    No transfer case? Uh oh... LOL. I swear mine really does have to last forever, or I'll have to get a Tundra to get a real truck next time...
  5. Bahnstoermer

    Road & Track reviews the 2014Runner

    More car magazines hating on real trucks and unknowingly letting their vaginas slip out in the process. Ahahaha. If you hate trucks, don't review them morons.
  6. Bahnstoermer

    Planning my Escape Vehicle - LC/LX470, GX470 or Tacoma

    Love my 2008 V8! 3" lift and some random stuff for now. Will get more modded as it get's older and retired from daily status at some point...
  7. Bahnstoermer

    Rickashay's 97' LX450 - "Tom Cruiser" Build Thread

    I love these build threads!
  8. Bahnstoermer

    LC100/LX470 vs GX470 vs 4Runner Trail Edition (new)

    I guess this is all relative... coming from a Mitsubishi, the 4th Gen 4Runner has huge aftermarket support! With body on frame, factory V8, AWD w center diff lock etc etc it's doing a lot of things really well given the ridiculous direction goverments are driving automobiles. Mine is 2008...
  9. Bahnstoermer

    My FZJ80 Overland Build

    Sweet truck brother, love it!
  10. Bahnstoermer

    Awesome 1976 Toyota HJ45 diesel, loaded to the max!

    That would be an awesome Texas ranch / hunting truck...