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  1. rayra

    Who wants to build their own storage bank?

    Lots of interesting battery battery tech here, some at pretty good prices. 'Some assembly required'
  2. rayra

    150-Watt Powered Inverter for ONE+ 18-Volt Battery

    Nice gadget if you already have the One+ tools & batteries. Paltry amp rate, but better than nothing.
  3. rayra

    Ford just trademarked the Excursion nameplate, looks like it's coming back
  4. rayra

    Some decent Plano totes at Home Depot

    Plano's a decent brand, the 56qt have a cell / web reinforced lid structure and I was able to sit my large self down on one comfortably with no obvious flex or deflection. The much large olive totes do not have a reinforced lid. Neither has a sealed lid / gasket. For the price I think they're...
  5. rayra

    Huh. Large format Anderson PowerPole connectors diff. colors, differently keyed?

    So I was shopping around for connector bargains, looking to gather parts to complete my front- and rear-mounted power connections to facilitate a receiver-hitch-mounted winch setup. I've already started using gray SB175 connectors inside the vehicle for my heavy duty electrical bus, to connect...
  6. rayra

    So is a '9000' class winch 'enough' for a 6500# Suburban

    Is there a rule of thumb for winch capacity, besides 'more is better'? Might go 9000/9500, might go 12000/12500. Trying to gather some real-world experience info re the two classes. The winch would be an accessory on a vehicle that wont intentionally be driven places it might get majorly stuck...
  7. rayra

    Looking for a deal on a DJi Spark drone, pref. with Remote or 'Fly More' package

    Been wanting one for a while but can't stomach the $600 price. Looking for Used but in good condition, maybe from someone looking to trade up to something better. contact here or PM me.
  8. rayra

    Looking for recommendations for an in vehicle swing-down ceiling-mounted movie display

    Want to fit such a thing in the 2nd row area of my Suburban and also so it is available while sleeping on the storage platform in that area / the cargo area. I already have an in-dash 2U Pioneer AVH-280?something entertainment unit and the widget that lets me run DVDs while moving down the road...
  9. rayra

    Any drone fans around here? Looking for a good source for a 'landing pad' decal

    Been intending to get a DJi Spark for several purposes, among them to take along on my drives around the desert southwest. Since I've got a Suburban with a moonroof and a solid roof deck, I'm thinking to sometimes launch and recover the thing by simply sticking it on the roof of the vehicle. So...
  10. rayra

    CA Coastal Commission to revoke [ALL] OHV access to Pismo Dunes

    While the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District proposed earlier this year to fence off about a third of the 1,500 acres made available to OHVs in response to complaints of excessive dust and particulate matter blowing off the park’s dunes, the CCC report proposes to eliminate...
  11. rayra

    Ozark Trail 8-Person Instant Hexagon Tent with LED Lights being clearanced for $40

    Brickseek is an inventory checking app, uses walmart's live inventory. You put your zip in to see price and availability near you This long-running topic occasionally has some good bargains on camping-related gear...
  12. rayra

    Cobra GMRS three-pack clearance priced at $25

    It's a live inventory app, put your zip in to see price and availability near you. Yeah they're cheap radios and now they're even cheaper.
  13. rayra

    BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A Tire P245/70R17 108T walmart clearance ~$65ea

    BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain T/A Tire P245/70R17 108T normally $125ea plug your zip in to check availability and price
  14. rayra

    An idea for a fishing pole rack / surf fishing pole holder

    Driving today I noticed this rack in the service bed of a work truck. Gardeners around here usually use PVC pipe clamped to a lumber frame. This appears to be an electrical conduit mounting / suspension rack, with its purpose-made clamps. Same sort of mount would work well for mounting an...
  15. rayra

    Walmart clearance on Reese Carrypower UVenture Rooftop Cargo Basket - $45

    put your zip in and click 'check inventory' to see if there are any near you and what price. Corporate sets the lowest clearance price, it's up to individual store managers to set price reductions or even reduce them at all.
  16. rayra

    Ebay 15% off in app today. Mar12

    Max discount is $100. Code: PSAVETODAY
  17. rayra

    Anybody using smaller paintball tanks as onboard air?

    Looking around at tank options to add to my Sub and surprised to find out that much higher pressure scuba tanks (3000psi+) cost about the same as a regular compressor-filled air tank (200psi) at around the same physical size. More browsing around and I learned that smaller tanks used by...
  18. rayra

    Anyone running a Renology Wanderer PWM with a Flooded battery?

    ... and can / would relate the top voltage you are getting with it on such a battery? I have a folding panel kit from a defunct company, a no-name PWM controller, with the panel on my roof. I get a good peak voltage of 14.4 on the bus during the day and just a couple hard-wired dual port USB...
  19. rayra

    SOLD - 2005 Tahoe LTZ/Z71 4WD, 200k mi but very good condition

    SOLD, thx for the views In very good condition both cosmetically and mechanically, well maintained and cared for. Ready to drive anywhere. Pewter-silver exterior, grey interior. Sun roof. Z71 options package, suspension, trim, electronic controls. Still has factory sound with 6-disk CD...
  20. rayra

    Check this cube-shaped triple slide-out camping trailer