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  1. 98dango

    1996 tahoe or Hoe as its been named

    Lets see I have done write ups on my past rigs so hear goes. I have had my eye on a buddies Tahoe for a while now as I knew he was starting to tire of owning it. So a good buddy deal later I am the proud owner of a 1996 Tahoe sas 5 speed swap. So far just been clean up of a 4 year old...
  2. 98dango

    1989 comanche re work

    Ok hear is my 1989 jeep Comanche I gave this truck bone stock to my dad 11 years ago and last August he gave it back for my 35th birthday. He said he could not do it justice any more and that It was built to use so I better use it. 4.0 5speed ba10 np231 dana 30 high pinion youkon shafts...
  3. 98dango

    Replacement breaks stock or after market

    So my 2000 Superduty finally needs all new breaks. So what do you guys recommend Now I will say I persnoalty am not a fan of cermaic pads I have has 2 diffrent sets break due to the way I use my truck. Apparently hot brakes and water do not mix but where I play I can't avoid it so I have...
  4. 98dango

    F250 Vs Suburban Vs Van

    So my super duty and suburban have not had a lot of camping use this year. We have done 1 over night in the suburban and used the super duty 2 times to take the 5th wheel. My wife a friend and myself just got back from a 4500 mile trip in Subaru ( never again). It was fun but we definitely...
  5. 98dango

    Small vs big

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of your vans. I currently use a suburban or a super duty. The wife and I have talked about a van for some of the advantages. But what are the advantages of say a f250 van vs a Astro or Arostar van
  6. 98dango


    My wife and I have been talking about winter activities we can do in Montana. A few days ago snowshoeing came up as we love to camp in winter. So last night I bought some inexpensive shoes off Amazon. I don't know if there even the right type or size but at any rate this will be a fun experience...
  7. 98dango

    1992 GMC Suburban

    January 4 2016 lets start the new year with a new adventure rig. 1992 GMC Suburban 2500 5.7 4l80e Np241 full float 14 bolt. This was my father in laws back up to the back up rig. I tried to get it off him years ago with no luck. In the last year and a half and 500 miles I installed a new...
  8. 98dango

    5th wheel pin to trailer distance

    Not very expo but there is a great wealth knowledge hear. So dose any one know the proper distance from pin to trailer. Looking at others it just seems my 5 er sits way back 96" pin to front of trailer.
  9. 98dango

    Picture's of setup Blazers,Broncos full size suv

    Let's get some pictures of setup full size suv.
  10. 98dango

    1990 Campcharger (Ramcharger)

    This will be a slow build with big goals and no fancy computer help. Just me my wife and some general tool most of us have at home or can purchase from home depot.
  11. 98dango

    suv vs p/u

    I have been using my Super Duty for camping duties the last 3 years. I love it but currently I has to be used for lots of other things it's way better at. I do more off road camping than the campground style. I still like the full size rigs. The space and if you don't mind a dent they fit...
  12. 98dango

    Soft Topper pros and cons

    I have a 2000 super duty that where's many hats. I recently sold my Are hard cap. We still like the topper for camping but our recent purchase of a 5th wheel mad it usless. I have a bed couver to keep the hitch and tools dry. We are not big fans of tenets. Who have them do you like them how bad...
  13. 98dango

    Is KTM a good place to start

    I have reached a place where my Ford and scout can't do everything I want. I road my buddies Tw200 last year and had a blast. I think a bike would fit in my plans well. However I know nothing about them. The people on hear are always so helpful I figured I'd start hear. I love the look of KTM...
  14. 98dango

    Body protection help

    What dose everyone hear use. I'm not talking I bought this arb bumper and theses bolt on parts. My truck is usually in the 8k range and I want to jack it up off the slider. I also want a step so it will stick out side the body. However if it drops down on a rock I want the truck supported...
  15. 98dango

    Range Rover classic to buy or not

    I have always liked the look of these rigs and what they can do. I'm looking for a good family rig for light trails dunes and some camping duties. I have a big super duty for towing and my big trips. Mostly just a daily driver and light offroad rig. I honestly don't know much about the. I can...
  16. 98dango

    2008 Dodge 2500 build help

    So hear is the deal my cousin has a 2008 dodge 2500 5.7 6 speed crew cab short box SXT. I got the great job of building his truck over the next 4 months. I just want to collect your ideas on what a good suspension and other things. His wants are easy to haul 2 dirt bikes a roof top tent 37s on...
  17. 98dango

    Rig weight

    On my last trip I stopped by a road side scale I know not 100% accurate but I was floored at what it said. So got me wondering how much others where sitting at. Please post up motor hidden winch things for others to know
  18. 98dango

    67 Scout 800 build ideas

    So I have had this scout for almost 6 years now. I have built 3 other scouts since I bought this one and probably 8 other trucks. I'm finally in the this scout has to be built mode. I have have my Super Duty for long range trips. I had planned to build a rock buggies and then life happens. A...
  19. 98dango

    School me on RTT

    OK so I know very little about them. The wife and I have done trailers, toppers,campers ground tents. We dismissed a RTT when we lived in Montana and did 90% of our camping ended up in the snow. We moved away from a ground tent due to snakes. My wife woke up to the call at 3 am only to find a...
  20. 98dango

    Tube crawler style buggy and Rtt thoughts.

    OK hear is my idea thought. I have been known to run some hard trails as a camping trip. I want a full crawler buggy. Wife says I need fewer rigs. So how do you all think a 4 seat chassis would do with a roof top tent. I know not normal and yes adds it's own challenges like street legal and...