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  1. loren85022

    Portable vs Fixed Roof mount Solar panels

    Being in AZ we typ park in the shade. I took a flexible 100w and afixed in a canvas carry bag. The cables and controller are in a plastic ammo box. Stows easy.
  2. loren85022

    Overland Expo 2015 to Utah Lockhart and more....

    Nice report, Lance. Your photos have excellent composition and support your writing well but oddly a few arent as sharp as I'd expect. I dont think its the human-interface either. Is the camera as old as the 'Burb?
  3. loren85022

    Grand Staircase Loop

    Excellent report on a great area. Thanks.
  4. loren85022

    Started my trialer build today.

    I'm just eyeballing the travel of the arms and wondering if you have any concerns the upper brackets on the airbags could bend or fatigue under the weight of a trailer bouncing along? Sent from my iToaster
  5. loren85022

    DIY Portable Solar Panel - Connector question included

    As always, thankss DWH Sent from my iToaster
  6. loren85022

    DIY Portable Solar Panel - Connector question included

    I enjoy tinkering with my trailer. It has this beautiful empty space beneath the tent that I just had to fill with something. I have two batteries that run the ARB 63 fridge (we love) and a water pump, etc. So I thought a solar panel would be a fun project. Being the desert nomad-types we...
  7. loren85022

    Tips on Using My ARB Fridge: Heading to Baja for 3 week surf trip

    I'm in Baja now. Day 5 of 10 with my 63q ARB in trailer. Is your prep inquiry based on having a limited ability to maintain the battery over duration of trip? If so, throw in a charger and an exten-cord perhaps. For a beer, not many RVs or ppl with generators are going to say no to 30 mins...
  8. loren85022

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Thanks, Mark. It sure has been fun to build, use, modify, reuse. For this trip I added a DIY portable 100w solar panel. It works great. Sent from my iToaster
  9. loren85022

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Quick evening shot from Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja, Mex. I was very pleased at how the trailer handle the 25 odd mile dirt track from Gonzaga the day prior. We are in Loreto now. We've travelled apprx 1,000 miles and after Christmas will begin the trek back to Phoenix. This includes 2 nights...
  10. loren85022

    Nightly movie: kindle fire

    Greetings from Loreto, Mx. We are half way thru our trip. Just wanted to comment on The plan of action I took. I ended up buying the 32 gig version of the SanDisk multi media player. Approximately $60. This little memory storage device is also a Wi-Fi transmitter. So we uploaded perhaps 18...
  11. loren85022

    Nightly movie: kindle fire

    Intriguing. I may have a similar buddy. I'll call him. Sent from my iToaster
  12. loren85022

    Nightly movie: kindle fire

    One of our camping concessions is to have available a nightly movie. All of us look forward to it. Typically there is no Wi-Fi so we are downloading one perhaps two movies to an iPad. Actually we do not purchase them, as we really use Amazon prime for just about everything including watching...
  13. loren85022

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Not exactly a great photo, but we took everything out to the local lake for a pre test in prep for a 4 rig, 10 night run down Baja next month. I'm needing many lil' fixes to get everything shipshape. The new inflatable kayak works great. I'm also reminded how enjoyable desert camping in...
  14. loren85022

    Lessons Learned from Trailer Build - What would you do different?

    As a family Guy, I can tell you that by including my wife in the planning of the kitchen portion of my trailer really increased her enthusiasm for camping. No question that keeping it smaller and lighter should always be a big consideration. That moment when you realize it is too big, or too...
  15. loren85022

    The "Monster's" tail build thread

    Dang impressive. Sent from my iToaster
  16. loren85022

    Utility Body Trailer - Post Build Tour

    It is not the exact same size, but it is not a full-size either. I would say that it is off of an S 10. Probably 1 foot longer than mine
  17. loren85022

    Has anyone seen a trailer like this before???

    Looks as if someone chopped a utility bed. Sent from my iToaster
  18. loren85022

    Utility Body Trailer - Post Build Tour

    That tub is for sale by my bud, Corbin. He built most of my rig.
  19. loren85022

    Utility Body Trailer - Post Build Tour

    The guy who manages this great thread designed the original Dinoot model. Check out post 587 posted today (8/8). Thats basically a new small utility bed. Ideal!
  20. loren85022

    Utility Body Trailer - Post Build Tour

    I realize the drawing is conceptual but I would put a 2-3" radius on those sidesteps fore and aft the fenders. Those are knee busters.