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  1. Stumpalump

    I named her Contraption!

    I put a few miles on Contraption knowing it needed a longer seatpost and a mens seat. Some men actually prefer the “cut” or size of seats designed for women so I gave it a college try. Not for me.... As luck would have it the LBS and seller of Moulton is Great shop...
  2. Stumpalump

    I named her Contraption!

    I bought this used and in the dark so go easy. 😀
  3. Stumpalump

    Bilstein 7100 valving?

    1V6pony, You could unbolt shocks to see if they are limiting droop. That would cause that problem. Hitting the bumpstop on the other side or bottoming out the shock too early can also add to the problem. Shock length never needs to limit droop or compression. Period. It needs to be checked...
  4. Stumpalump

    Show us your Active Off-Road Bumpstops!

    No. The van sat at the right height it just hit the stops to early.
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  6. Stumpalump

    Pakayak Packable kayak

    This kayak comes apart and the parts nest together really small. Nesting sailboats and dingys have been around for a hundred years but this is different.
  7. Stumpalump

    Ford E series gas Van tune up and repairs.

    The Triton 4.6L, 5.4L and mighty V10 are basically all the same except for the obvious number of cylinders and bore. Mine has 130,000 miles on it with nothing but fluid changes, a serpentine belt and a fuel filter but is hinting of trouble. I searched out a few Ambo’s and International 4300 but...
  8. Stumpalump

    Brompton Folding Bicycles

    Link to more on the Explore.
  9. Stumpalump

    Brompton Folding Bicycles

    Brompton came out with a limited edition expedition bike. It has a few goodies like a spare parts kit with spokes and a pack for gear. The pack on the front mounts to the front of the frame so it does not move with the steering. They claim thats the best place to add weight on the bike. It’s...
  10. Stumpalump

    NuVinci Constantly Variable Hub.

    I got to ride NuVinci 3 wheeled recumbent yesterday. It was amazing. It worked so well and easy that I could not take my hand off the control lever. As you twist the grip it puts the peddle effort or gearing wherever you want it. It really blew me away how easy it “shifted” and how fun and...
  11. Stumpalump

    Another Van Build... E350 V10 4x4 & Cargo Trailer

    I use a blue 20L water jug as a grey tank. It’s good for stealth dumping. I use a flexible drain hose from the sink right into the tank. The sink gets used a lot. Mostly for washing hands since I use leaded race gas but I do use it a lot. The sink is plumbed to a 20 gallon tank. A laundry sink...
  12. Stumpalump

    Another Van Build... E350 V10 4x4 & Cargo Trailer

    I put my 02 E350 together about 12 years ago with mods all along the way. It’s neat seeing you go thru the stuff I did but at least you have all the experience of others. Like you, I started as a dirt biker and even had a Montesa 315R trials bike so that pic made me smile. You have a great start...
  13. Stumpalump

    2008-2018 Overland Journals to trade

    They are in great shape but there may be a few missing. Trade for nice knife or whatever.
  14. Stumpalump

    I broke my partner steel stove.

    The whole burner grill assemble lifts right out but does not come apart. I uses a welding torch tip cleaning tool (small wire) and cleaned out all the burner holes. It burns evenly thru all the holes now but has a yellow flame. The pics make it look more dramatic but its either getting too...
  15. Stumpalump

    I broke my partner steel stove.

    I set a disposable plastic bowl of Yummy Chicken noodle soup on a burner that was not cooled down enough. Big melted mess. I poped it apart and it cleaned right up but this trip it’s not burning. The burner looks clean ?? Can I field fix it or wait to soak it at home?
  16. Stumpalump

    Grumman Sport Boat

    The plate in the middle is so I can turn the boat upside down on the trailer and it will not fall thru and jam between the bunks. I fooled with bunk mods and wood blocks for an hour but having that flat suport in the middle worked the best. From experiance I learned that if your trailer is...
  17. Stumpalump

    Design help request: Dog enclosure UNDER truck for camping

    Construction safty fence. They make snow fencing the same way. You may need to staple the bottom to locally sourced logs or bring 2x4’s. Wrap it around your whole truck...
  18. Stumpalump

    12v electric blanket any good?

    Has anybody ever used a 12v electric blanket? How hard was it on the battery? I’m headed out next week and its suposed to be in the 30’s. Thought it might be nice to run for an hour before bed. Can anybody think of a brick and morter that sells them?
  19. Stumpalump

    Grumman Sport Boat

    I got started narrowing the trailer. The factory bends and forms the frame rails so I un bolted them and sucked them in with ratchet straps. Good greif the spring and stored energy would flat out kill you if it got away from you but I got it. You can see the u-bolts where it used to be and now...