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  1. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade Roofracks.

    Awesome Idea on the Winch mount! I might have to "borrow" that!
  2. ADVW/Liam

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Here's a little something I've been working on...
  3. ADVW/Liam

    Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel with Humvee Trailer Bed

    I cant believe that dash is not cracked into a dozen pieces!
  4. ADVW/Liam

    2016 Ram Mega Cab Build

    Slow builds are cool, Ive been building on my Tacoma since 2010. Still need to re-gear and lock front and rear. Oh, a tire carrier rear bumper is in the works too. Might be a few years though.
  5. ADVW/Liam

    2016 Ram Mega Cab Build

    good looking pickup. My dad just got a 4x4 3500 CTD mega cab a few months ago, and loves it. I've only driven it once, and although its a little long, it's not too bad to drive. Tons of room inside, and feels pretty solid.
  6. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    This absolutely highlights that I don't know what I'm talking about. I was referring to a combination drill/countersink bit and not a center cut mill or end mill. I believe my own confusion has been caused by watching YouTube videos where the hobbyist misspoke when using a lathe or mill. That...
  7. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    Thanks! I put them to use this morning... sort of. A guy turned into me and bounced his stock Rubicon bumper off them. Part of the plastic from his bumper hit my door. A little rattle can on the sliders, and a little buff work on the door, and you'd never know I was hit. I'll post pics later.
  8. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    I didn't think about that. Would a center punch not make enough of a notch in the steel to hold the end mill in place?
  9. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    DONE!!! So I got them bolted on, and threw a few welds in for good measure. I'm hesitant to weld them completely, so the welds were kept to a minimum. I only welded the bottom of the mounts to the frame, to keep them from pulling away when the weight of the truck is on the sliders. I still may...
  10. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    Paint Prep Fabrication is complete! I finished them up last night, and now I have started to prep the metal for paint. I blew through a few flap disk, 80 grit and 120 grit, pretty quickly. I need to rethink my approach to prepping the metal. I believe I need to use a wire brush affixed to the...
  11. ADVW/Liam

    Overhead consoles - anyone?

    Interesting.... I've been pondering an overhead console for my Tacoma too. Just want a place to mount a CB, my sPod switches, and retain the interior lights, compass and temp gauge.
  12. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    Almost there... Did some more work on the sliders this weekend. Got them pretty much done, but I think I'll add some gussets to the plate mounts. Everything is 1/4, but I'd hate to have the mounts bend and damage the truck. After the gussets are added, it'll be time to prep for paint, add some...
  13. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    I learned to weld in high school (2 years of Agg Mechanics) back in 96. I have been welding off and on ever since, but I am not a professional. I agree with the other post about getting a 220v machine, but I am stuck with using 110v, as I am welding in my garage, and I just don't have the room...
  14. ADVW/Liam

    New KLR and new to off-road riding. Tips?

    Most importantly, RIDE RIDE RIDE! Get out there, have fun, and use that thing for what it was made for. Practice slow speed maneuvers, in an empty parking lot like the motor cops. You should be able to do a U-turn at full lock in under 18 feet (two parking stalls). Learning to ride slow will...
  15. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    They're probably about 50+lbs each. They're big, ugly, and will probably save me in a side impact!!! I hope to have them ready for paint by Friday. I have some overtime to back out at work, so that will give me a perfect chance to work on them. I'll get more pics of them later.
  16. ADVW/Liam

    Homemade rock sliders

    How hard can it be? I decided to give it a try. I recently bought a Hobart Handler 140 from Northern Tool and Equipment, and decided to put it to use. I went to the local metal supply, and bought 30 feet of 1/4 inch thick 2 inch square tubing. I know... way overkill for this application, and...
  17. ADVW/Liam

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    6112 How do the 6112s ride? I currently have an OME kit, and was thinking about switching to 6112s if/when the OME shocks bite the dust. Great build by the way.
  18. ADVW/Liam

    Gordigear RTT Adventure

    Looks like the squeaky wheel gets the grease! At least they responded to you via email and on here. I applaud Gordigear USA for their quick response. Hopefully they will find a solution for you that works in your favor. I sent Bubba Rope an email about an extremely unprofessional encounter with...
  19. ADVW/Liam

    OME Dakar leaf packs bent?

    I'll check mine when I get home tonight. I think mine are similar, but I have a 2010. It appears yours is a first gen by the shock placement, but I'm not if it makes a difference.
  20. ADVW/Liam

    Why no SAS on "expo" type trucks???

    I can't afford it, or I would. My truck would be down for a lengthy amount of time, my only other mode of transportation is my Ultra Limited that I hate to get dirty so I try not to ride in the rain, and I'd have to kick my wife's car outta of the garage while I'm working on the truck. Not to...