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  1. Buddha.

    Is my steering box bad?

    Truck is a 2011 2500hd gasser, I bought it three years ago at 90k and now it’s at 150k. The steering got significantly sloppier the first year I had it. It hasn’t gotten much worse since then I feel, but it hasn’t gotten better. I have been doing all my normal checks of tie rods, ball joints...
  2. Buddha.

    Critique my solar charger/battery monitor setup?

    I'm not sure which needs more work, my microsoft paint or my wiring skills. We're traveling to Alaska in the spring as workcampers and I want to run the generator as little as possible. Biggest electrical load is the furnace blower which is tempature dependant, it draws something like 10 amps...
  3. Buddha.

    New truck battery 12.2 volts

    Last week I put a new battery in my truck. You can read about that here if you like. The old battery was only two years old and was usually fine but it's undersized and it won't start my truck in the...
  4. Buddha.

    07-13 Chevy NNBS battery upgrade, H6 to H8.

    I couldn't find any info online about upgrading the battery so, this is what I came up with. With the NNBS(07-13?) trucks no matter what gas engine you have, 4.3 to 6.2 your battery choices are either a 615CCA or 730CCA H6(group 48). My truck came with a one year old 615CCA battery that...
  5. Buddha.

    84 K20 breaks starter/ Missing brace?

    This is our not road worthy beater plow truck. Starter was cracked last year, replaced it. Now I see it keeps coming loose, that's probably why it cracked. I replaced the starter bolts and fingers crossed that helps. I remember some of these old trucks had a starter brace but it doesn't look...
  6. Buddha.

    Alternator causing battery drain? Tractor

    I know this isn't a tractor forum but I'm not about to sign up on one for a general electrical question. I know nothing about tractors, i don't even know how to start this old thing. Trying to help the father in law that knows less than me. Tractor is a '70ish John Deere. Battery goes dead...
  7. Buddha.

    Travel trailer battery/generator use.

    We are traveling to CO for the summer to work camp. We'll be staying in our new to us 2005 model 30' travel trailer. At our work location 110v electricity will be provided, at no cost. So that's a no brainer there, we'll be on shore power. However we may be boondocking for a couple weeks...
  8. Buddha.

    aftermarket lighting in place of factory fog lights.

    I just bought a base forester, no fog lights. Much of the wiring is in place to add factory fog lights. The factory fog lights however are not the best bang for your buck as far as automotive lighting goes. I would like to mount something else there and use the stock wiring. I am interested in...
  9. Buddha.

    1990 IHC 4900 4x4 4wd Truck - $17500 (Spooner, Wi)

    Giant 4x4 box truck, think of the possibilities. No affiliation.
  10. Buddha.

    1967 Chevrolet C-50 Dump Truck \ 4X4 pickup

    Slap a 10' camper in the back of this and call it a day.
  11. Buddha.

    Can't get relay to work, feel like idiot.

    I've used relays before to wire electric fans but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong this time. I've tapped into the reverse circuit to trigger the relay and power and ground wires are coming up to the bottom of the opening there, they go directly to the battery. I've tried 2 different...
  12. Buddha.

    Auxiliary trans cooler, thermal bypasses and such.

    During normal driving my scan gauge2 was indicating my trans temp was getting up to 220-225 everytime I drove it if it was over 80f ambient temps. Didnt matter if I was parked, in stop and go, or cruising down the highway. I wonder how the trans has lasted ten years like this if this is the way...