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    Another DIY Portable Power Pack

    I worked extensively with @vomhorizon on this project, who offered me endless support for the build. I am writing this to pass it on. But...Disclaimer: I am a weekend warrior, NOT a professional in any way. Batteries can shock you and burn things down. Be careful. Do your own research regarding...
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    Testing Connections for Resistance

    I just completed building a portable battery box. Obviously it involved creating a lot of spliced and terminal connections. I would like to go back with my multi meter and test those connections under load. Is there a standard protocol for this? I assume that measuring voltage drop is better...
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    Help with simple LifePo portable solar setup

    I have been using a portable solar setup for vehicle use, and an adaptation of the same for my trailer. I am now looking to try incorporating lithium into my setup by creating a portable box with a lithium battery that I can use as needed. My basic setup will be: 12V 1 or 2 100W panels...
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    BMV 712 consumed amp hours

    Camping with a 100 watt solar setup: Smart solar 75/15 and a BMV 712 200 amp hour GC batteries. when I plugged in the solar this morning consumed amp hours was 14.7 on the 712 Panel was putting out about 5.2 amps. Fridge was running (Engel draws 2.7ish amps) and teenage daughter charging...
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    wiring fixed and deployed solar to one controller

    Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my solar on my trailer. I have been using a renogy 100w suitcase for a few years, but the viewstar controller just failed on me. 100 watts has been ok but limiting in some situations. I want to upgrade to a roof mounted panel and keep my 100w solar suitcase for...
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    Solar Controller Negative connection on Trailer Chassis?

    Hi All, My new battery monitor utilizes a shunt on the negative battery terminal and requires that all connections to the negative terminal be through the shunt. The way I am wiring the shunt in a weatherproof box makes access somewhat inconvenient. Instead of wiring additional leads to the...
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    Need Help Planning Volt/Amp Meter Install

    Hi folks. We picked up a pop up tent and looks like we will be spending more time in it. I have decided I want a decent monitor for my batteries (2x 6v) and am going to install a shunt style monitor. Ill be getting something rather small because the fridge is the biggest draw. I am new to...
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    trying to understand battery capacity terminology

    Hi all, I am trying to get a better understanding of battery capacity terminology. I currently have the Renogy 100W solar suitcase and an Interstate SRM-24 with a Reserve Capacity of 140 minutes. Not that it totally matters here, but my main lode will be an Engel fridge which draws about 2.5...
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    Adjustable Height Trailer--looking for options

    Hey Folks, After watching me pack/unpack, pack/unpack, repeat--all camping season long, my wife has green lighted a 4x4 trailer purchase! We are a family of five with kids ranging from 3 to 10, and a dog. My main issue is that my wife really loves the RTT with annex setup. She likes the kids...
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    So your daughter cuts her finger...

    While camping my 10yo daughter cut her finger with her pocket knife. It was about 1/2 long, longitudinal cut right on the pad of her index finger opposite the nail. It was deep enough to bleed well and show some layers, but not deep enough to warrant a trip to the hospital for stitches. It was...
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    WTB Metal Handle for Engel MT45

    Picked up a used MT45 with no metal handle. Anyone got a handle sitting around?? :)
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    NorCal WTB fridge

    Looking for mid size fridge. Prefer local pickup of ARB/Norco/Engel but open to others. Thanks.
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    Looking for a used RTT in the CVT Mt. Shasta or Tepui Autana size, with a closed dimension in the neighborhood of 56"X48". Annex is a plus. Looking to find something in NorCal to avoid shipping if possible. Good condition only. PM me with offers to sell. Thanks! Scott.