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  1. ExploringNH

    Edgestar 43Qt 12v fridge/freezer - New - $340

    I have a 43Qt Edgestar fridge/freezer for sale. This was purchased for a project but it was too big. It is still new in the box and was only opened for about 10 minutes of test fitting. I run a 43qt in the Excursion and ran one in my Defender. I love these little fridges...
  2. ExploringNH

    Edgestar fridge/freezers on sale at Compact Appliance - $390 shipped for 43qt

    I just got an email today from Compact Appliance/Living Direct. The Edgestar 43qt is on sale for $390 shipped right now. The other sizes are discounted as well. This is the best price I've seen for them...
  3. ExploringNH

    2015 Winter Waterfall Overland Adventure Route - New Hampshire

    We just got back from running this years Winter Waterfall Adventure Route. I had a great time. Lots of hiking and plenty of waterfalls.
  4. ExploringNH

    FS: Ford Excursion roof rack - Custom built - Southern Maine/NH

    Custom built roof rack for 2000-2005 Ford Excursion. I had this rack custom built by Third Shift Fabrication around June of 2014. It bolts into the factory roof rails and the a-pillar door channel up front. This is a heavy duty rack capable of carrying some decent weight. It has mounts for a 50"...
  5. ExploringNH

    Where to get a Maggiolina style lift mechanism for a pop-top?

    I would like a set of these lift arms. Does anyone know what they are called besides "articulating gas rams"?
  6. ExploringNH

    Trans-New Hampshire Expedition 2014, October 16-19

    For the rest of the photos:
  7. ExploringNH

    NH Late Fall Foliage Overland Adventure Route - Completed

    We just got in from a fantastic weekend of driving. In total we ran a 245 mile route. For me, this ended up being 430 miles total from my house and back. A lot of driving for just a couple of days! I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend a weekend with. The photos below are...
  8. ExploringNH

    Edgestar 80qt 12volt Fridge/Freezer - New

    I have a new ***Edit: Now slightly used - three weekend trips, price drop accordingly!*** Edgestar 80qt fridge/freezer. Located for pick up in Kittery, ME.,default,pd.html?cgid=Appliances-Refrigerators SOLD! $390...
  9. ExploringNH

    A weekend up the Maine coast

    I recently had a free weekend and decided to take an impromptu trip up the Maine coast. Recently I've been trying to focus on inexpensive weekend trips and this one can certainly qualify. I'm lucky to live in an area where I have so many things to see and do within a couple hour drive of my...
  10. ExploringNH

    ARB front bumper and roof rack for Range Rover Classic

    All parts located in Kittery, ME. Great condition ARB bumper for Range Rover Classic. A few scuffs on the underside but no broken powder coat. Comes with all mounting bolts/nuts/washers. No accidents, dents, or other damage. Warn sticker included free of charge. Not sure where exactly to price...
  11. ExploringNH

    Warn XD9000 Winch - $550

    Used but great condition Warn XD9000. Free spools easily. Still have the manual and everything. Comes with all wiring, bolts, roller fairlead, controller, and a nifty stainless flip down license plate mount for the fairlead. Price drop - $450 Located in Kittery, ME. I can ship it for an...
  12. ExploringNH

    Winter Waterfall Weekend - 3/9/14 - Photos/Trip Report

    Here are some of the photos that I took. Unfortunately most of mine came out really poor. The happiest camper: We all met up at a ranger station at the head of the Kancamagus Highway. We formed a very rough plan and made our way to the first set of waterfalls. Along the way we passed an old...
  13. ExploringNH

    Help me pick a vehicle heater for winter camping.

    I need to find a heater for my Excursion v10. I'm sleeping inside of it tonight and it is currently 5 degrees out. I'm tired of idling the vehicle. I still have another couple hours until I am ready to crawl under the covers and go to sleep. What can I use to keep the truck warm? Requirements...
  14. ExploringNH

    50" and 40" Dual Row LED Bars - New, one of each - $500/420 shipped

    I bought three of these for different project vehicles but the projects fell through so I only ended up using one. Both bars offered for sale are still sealed in boxes. The photos are from the 50" that I will mount on our project Excursion. 50" - $500 shipped 40" - $420 shipped Specs: 100*3W...
  15. ExploringNH

    ExploringNH's 2000 Ford Excursion build

    ExploringNH's 2000 Ford Excursion build - Now with more pop-top! 1/8/2015 - Work on pop-top roof started. Current state of chaos: First Draft Mockup After building a 4Runner for tight NH trails and a Defender 110 for a trip to South America, I knew what I wanted next. Something...
  16. ExploringNH

    Lubricheck releases new handheld oil quality tester

    Saw this today and thought it was interesting. The price is right for what you get and there seems to be a promising future. It will be interesting to see where these go in the future. I can't imagine it would be too hard for them to add sensors and programming to check for coolant or exhaust...
  17. ExploringNH

    20" Double Row LED Light Bar & Two Single Row 10" LED Bars

    One 20" Double Row Light Bar - $270 shipped. Brand New. 60* Flood Pattern 7200 Lumens 8.2Amp Draw @ 12v 6000k Color Temp. Pair of 10" Single Row LED Light Bars - $200 shipped. Also Brand New. 8* Spot Beam Pattern 2400 Lumens Output 2.4Amp Draw @ 12v 6000-6500K Color Temp. These both...
  18. ExploringNH

    Where to find a Unimog?

    I'm in the market for a Unimog but I am having a hard time finding a good place to start looking for one. I've found a few sites online but nothing that seems great yet. Any resources or places to keep my eyes on? What about importing one?
  19. ExploringNH

    1985 Defender 110 3-door - Expedition equipped, not perfect

    I am looking to sell my 1985 Defender 110, RHD. 200tdi. 159k miles The truck has received an extensive amount of attention but could still use a little bit more. I just drove this truck from Canada to Colombia. The truck is mechanically sound and ready to take you any distance around the...
  20. ExploringNH

    From NH to Argentina in a Defender 110 - Norte A Sur Aventura

    In a continuation of my Build Up thread, we are now on the road and headed for Ushuaia. We will be traveling swiftly through Central America and will be stopping at Panama Passage to hang out for a few days and get the truck shipped into Colombia. After Panama, we intend to slow down a bit...