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  1. getlost4x4

    1995 Triple Locked FZJ80 Land Cruiser (BUILT) $21995, Layton, Utah 84040

    1995 Triple Locked FZJ80 Land Cruiser (BUILT) 184K Miles Excellent Shape, Rust Free, Built, Locked
  2. getlost4x4

    Tower Arch, Great Trail to hit outside Moab!

    One of the more fun Trails we've run on the outskirts of Moab. Probably not known to a lot of people. Tower Arch is in Arches National Park. Loads of fun and a cool hike at the end.
  3. getlost4x4

    Took an Awesome Trip though White Rim.

    My Buddies, Shawn and Tyler accompanied me through the White Rim in Canyonlands. We had a great time. We took 3 days to do it. I really wish we would have had more time to spend on it. Amazing.
  4. getlost4x4

    Escalante, a Land of Enchantment

    Escalante is one of my new favorite places to go. Its remote, harder to get to, and not a lot of people down there. We did some exploring down there a few weeks back in the land cruiser. We were doing some exploring looking for places to do some camping and other activities in the area. Lots...
  5. getlost4x4

    Gotta getaway Away from The City, a Moab adventure weekend.

    A couple weeks ago we took a weekend to hit a bunch of trails we have never been on, in and around Moab Utah. We used our beater FZJ80 land Cruiser and when it decided to die, we used the 2018 Ram on the other trails we wanted to go check out. Our First adventure started here..... Kane...
  6. getlost4x4

    I need to stop buying stupid Toyota's an 1995 FZJ80 Build Saga........

    So let me introduce myself, I'm a certified Land Rover nut, and I have a shop with my buddy where we import, repair and sell Defenders. I've also been building a 2018 Ram Megacab for about a year and a half. Build...
  7. getlost4x4

    Quick Saturday Trip to Little Moab in Northern Utah..... Body Damage incurred

    Did some rock crawling in my 2500 Megacab. I may have incurred some damage. (Sad Face) I may have slipped off a rock and dented it. Oops......
  8. getlost4x4

    Finally able to Finish our Trail Adventure in Wyoming this weekend.

    We finally got back up to the top secret off-road trail in Wyoming. Had a blast.
  9. getlost4x4

    Awesome Trail in Wyoming!

    We found one of the best trails by accident last weekend. Here's a short portion of it. The full review will be coming in the next weeks. We were unable to finish it due to time and weather. It's in Wyoming, but close to Utah. Full review coming soon.
  10. getlost4x4

    East Carbon, Utah Abandoned Railway building with Coke Ovens

    Last week we explored some of the area around Helper Utah and Price. This is some abandoned buildings and coke ovens in the area.
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    Our outing yesterday to the Gordon Train Trestle. A very cool bridge to explore.
  12. getlost4x4

    Building a M116A1 Military Trailer into an Overlanding trailer

    So I'm converting my old dump trailer, its an M116A2 military trailer. Decommissioned. I bought it to haul garbage to the dump originally and wanted to build an overlanding trailer eventually out of it. I don't see the point of spending $20K on one of the fancy ones. While they look really cool...
  13. getlost4x4

    2018 Ram Megacab Swiss Army Knife Build with trailer

    So traded my old truck in. Got a good deal on trade in price and a great deal on a new truck. Specs 2018 Ram Megacab 2500 Laramie 6.7L Cummins 68RFE Apple Car play is what really sold me to upgrade. LOL Gooseneck towing prep package Limited Slip Rear Axle 3.43 gears Current upgrades: Wheels...
  14. getlost4x4

    1993 Land Rover Defender 110

    1993 Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon $26995 Located in Layton, Utah Ross 385-645-3876 VIN# SALLDHMF7LA935259 Check out our Video of the Vehicle: UPGRADES: Snorkel Warn 9500# Winch LED Headlights 9" Long Range Off-Road Lights 3" Lift Kit 33" Mud Terrain Tires - 15x10 Rock Crawler...
  15. getlost4x4

    1992 Defender 110 200 TDi

    Specs: Engine: 200TDI (2.5L Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Intercooled) 113 hp 200 FT/LBS Transmission LT77 5 speed Manual Transfercase LT230 High Range Ratio: 1.222 Low Range Ratio: 3.27:1 Axle Gear Ratio: 3.56:1 This is a right hand drive truck that my business partner and I imported from the...
  16. getlost4x4

    1991 Defender 110 5 Door Loaded $40195 (Layton, UT)

    $40195 1991 Land Rover Defender 110 - 300TDi SALLDHMB7FA446522 385-645-3876 Excellent condition! Import Motor Werx hand picks our trucks on site and imports them directly into the United States. IMW purchased this truck in Great Yarmouth UK back in June and drove...
  17. getlost4x4

    Land Rover 2.5 Turbo diesel engine

    136K miles. Runs. Just removed. Ready for a swap.. you just provide your own radiator and wiring. $2000 plus shipping Located in Layton UT Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  18. getlost4x4

    Bought a couple of 110's

    I've been over in the UK since Thursday and my buddy and I were able to pick up a couple 110's we've had our eyes on. Here's a picture of them. Pretty nice, current MOTs and can't wait to get them here in 3-4 weeks by ocean. The truck is 2.5L Turbo diesel. 1989 110 Defender. Bought it...
  19. getlost4x4

    Range Rover Diesel Conversion Take 2

    Engine swap part two underway. I decided I wanted more room and I wanted to redo my engine mounts before I out the new engine in. I have had a GM 6.2 in my Range Rover for almost a year. And it was a bit of a hurried install. Lots of work. While I like the motor. An opportunity to buy a 6.5...
  20. getlost4x4

    Thoughts on Non-Land Rover axles on a Classic?

    Since I have upgraded my Drivetrain, I've been thinking about running Dana axles under my LWB Classic. What are your thoughts? I've upgraded everything to 24 spline, but I'm afraid it's just going to break again. Tanks