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    Eezi-Awn Blade tent W/ RCI rack

    So I'm selling my Eezi-Awn Blade tent and the RCI rack it currently sits on. Bought the tent and rack in November of 2019. It's a great setup and only selling cuz my needs have changed. The tent- in like new condition. This tent is gonna last a very long time. Extremely durable. Have wired in...
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    High Topper Discussion/Decision Thread

    So I think I am going to get rid of the Eezi-Awn Blade and RCI rack and go with a high topper. Deciding to do this because I feel it would be easier to find a place to stop and sleep for a few while traveling long distances. Also because it would be nice to have the mountain bike locked up and...
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    Ford F550 brush truck?...yes please!

    I just want to know if I can this as a base truck, no fire fighting mods with a flatbed, tires, bumpers, suspension, and thats it. What a great platform. Check out the video.
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    1989 Suburban - posting for a friend (Craigslist) If you are interested, mention you saw the ad here.
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    Mounting a hard shell RTT

    Well my tent is on it's way and I need some advice since I have no experience with mounting a tent. I have a full length rack on a 4Runner with 10 cross bars in all. The tent is an aluminum hard shell with four mounting rails running the length of the tent. Should I put down rubber on each...
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    Any opinions or experience with company? I'm looking at the Sparrow
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    2019 Ram

    Well I'm kind of bummed they no longer have the manual trans option. I understand they don't sell a lot but I like rowing gears and obviously think it should be an option. This new truck on paper is built. Hope the new 8 speed is up to the task...
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    Treeline Aspen

    I have tried to search so I apologize if there is another thread about this. I am in the process of researching all the tents and came across the Treeline Aspen tent. Their website says it is currently not available in the US but I'm sure this is only temporary. There is not a lot out there...
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    Thoughts on the Beta motorcycles?

    Anyone have any experience with Beta motorcycles? I have heard good things but have never ridden one or know anyone with one. I am looking at the 2017 Beta 390 RR-S. Thanks.
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    How does a 4runner tow an XVenture???

    Hello all, Trying to get first hand experience from those in the know of how a 2016 4Runner will tow an XV-2 XVenture trailer. I'm figuring it will be 2000 to 2500lbs loaded up. I know the 4Runner is rated at 5000# but that does not tell me how this vehicle actually tows. Does the truck...
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    Overland Expedition East

    Ujoint are you going to this? I have been seeing some really nice rigs pulling in.
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    Nissan NV

    Why doesn't Nissan produce the NV in a four wheel drive model? Doesn't this van have the same drivetrain as the Titan? This would be a great exploration vehicle in four wheel drive. Come on Nissan!
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    Parts suppliers

    I have searched and tried some of the parts suppliers I found with no luck as to what I need for my 1967 M416 I just picked up. I need the c-clamps and bushings for the leaf springs. Anyone have a supplier for these things that is still in business or will answer their phone or emails? Also...