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  1. nwoods

    Jeep Grand Cherokee WK - Front Suspension Help

    Hey guys, I ordered a bunch of MOOG parts with the goal of replacing the ball joints, tie rod ends, and suspension bushings while upgrading to OME MD struts and springs up front. I might have bit off more than I can chew with these goals. 1. How do I remove the upper control arm ball joint...
  2. nwoods

    Tire Deflators - What Do You Use and Why?

    A decade ago, I used Stauns on 35" tires on 16" Rims, and they worked okay. I think they typically over deflated (under inflated?) pretty regularly, but my tires were large enough that I didn't care too much if I was between 20 psi or 15 psi. I think being up at altitude effected them also. I...
  3. nwoods

    Project WK - My new SRV (Sanity Reset Vehicle)

    Its been a long time since I had my own Offroad capable vehicle. Kids are off to college and career is looking solid, so it's time. I searched for YEARS looking for a clean 4th gen 4Runner without a sunroof (because I am tall), finally found one the same day I saw this WK. The 4Runner was...
  4. nwoods

    WTB: 2006–2009 – Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Edition - White

    I am looking for Jeep WK in moderate to decent interior condition, exterior can be in pretty much any general condition, as long as its safely drivable. If built up already that would be great, but certainly not a perquisite. If there are issues with the engine, I am willing to repair it. If...
  5. nwoods

    Quick shout out - GX470 wheels with 31.6" BFG KO2's for sale

    I just posted this up here: Tires are in SoCal
  6. nwoods

    [SOLD] Five 265/70/17 BFG KO2 Tires for Sale (+80% wear) on stock Lexus GX470 wheels

    Wheels and tires have been sold: 12/9/2020 ---------------------------------------------- Yorba Linda CA (northern Orange County, SoCal) I have stock OEM Lexus GX470 wheels with nearly new BFG KO2 tires mounted to them. We just bought this vehicle and off-roaded once before upgrading it with a...
  7. nwoods

    OkMilo - interesting

    Have you guys seen this Kickstarter project? Might not be great for vehicle to vehicle range, but out of the vehicle could be very handy (especially with kids!)
  8. nwoods

    Thoughts on New NEMO Shower - horizontal style ?

    I have a first generation NEMO pressure shower unit, and its very good, but not great. A few simple design flaws that bug the crap out of me, but not enough to stop me from using it. Now I see they have a new style unit. I'm not sure how long it's been out, but I am curious if anyone has...
  9. nwoods

    Mitsubishi to Kill Off the Pajero (Montero)

    You guys see this? Killing an icon. What a bummer
  10. nwoods

    Questions for SolidWorks Users and/or Engineering Graduates

    Trying to decide between PC or MacBook for a college laptop. My daughter is off to college this year. Mechanical Engineering is her focus (while being on a Volleyball scholarship). She has grown up using Macs and is invested into the rest of the Apple eccosphere (iPad, Watch, iPhone, iCloud...
  11. nwoods

    Looking for Good, Entry Level Knife Sharpening Kit Recommendations

    Hello everyone, for years I've been taking my cheap Gerber and Kershaw pocket knives to a guy in a van at the local farmers market to sharpen them. No more farmers markets these days, and my taste in knives is getting better over time. It high time I learn to sharpen my own steel. I know very...
  12. nwoods

    3.5L Intake Removal

    I just want to say, I love removing the intake on the Montero. In fact, the entire top end is super easy to dissassemble. I never really appreciated that before, until this weekend, where I attempted to remove the intake manifold for my son's Audi A4 with the B7 2.0L engine. Holy Crap is that...
  13. nwoods

    Overland Journal Magazines - Full set from Premier Issue through 2014

    SOLD - I have a sizable stack of thoroughly enjoyed issues of Overland Journal up for grabs. Offer includes complete runs from 2007 to 2014, as well as all of 2017. This includes the premier issue (Spring 2007). All issues are in excellent, though used, condition. I NEVER bend back the...
  14. nwoods

    Local dealer - Anahiem

    So i ho to my local Mitsubishi dealer here in Anahiem, and at the front Mitsu’s to be found. No sir, they seem to be aiming a bit higher. There’s an amazing looking Mercedes-AMG GT, an Audi RS10, a Bently, and a Ferrari. Yikes!
  15. nwoods

    2004 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4x4 - 5.7L V8 - $7500 (SoCal)

    My son is selling his truck. He bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Dodge Ram, ultimately deciding to wheel the WJ and use the truck for work, and then his company provided him with a truck, so the Dodge has been sitting. Thus, he is now listing it for sale. Here is his ad on CraigsList...
  16. nwoods

    Smartphone Bore Scope Reccommendations

    I’m thinking of buying a bore scope to use with my iPhone, for mostly automotive repair use. There’s a wide range of options and sources, just on Amazon. Any suggestions or recommendations for one over another? I’d like one with a direct straight on light and camera, as well as a right...
  17. nwoods

    New 3.5L from Salvage Yard - Where to Start?

    Okay - Advice Needed I bought a "new" 3.5L engine from a 2002 Montero that had been rolled. There was a ton of mud underneath it, so it looks like someone had a good time up until they didn't. I am hoping that means this motor is running well. Not being very bright, or very experienced, I...
  18. nwoods

    Pulling the Engine - Torque Converter first, why?

    I need to pull the 3.5L from my Gen 3, and my motor is seized. The Internet told me that I need to remove the bolts holding the torque converter to the flex plate before separating the tranny from the engine "or bad things might happen". However, because the engine is seized, I can't turn...
  19. nwoods

    Opinions wanted: Harbor Frieght Engine Hoist - 1 ton verses 2 ton

    For working on passenger vehicles and light trucks, is a 2 ton hoist necessary? Is there any substantial difference between the 2 sizes of hoists? Perhaps a better question is, should I just rent a hoist verses buying the Harbor Freight version? Cost would be about the same.
  20. nwoods

    Diagnosing and Fixing a 2002 Montero 3.5L V6 SOHC that might be seized up

    I am hoping to crowd source my current project because I am in way over my head. I am learning how to turn a wrench, but my knowledge level about what I am doing regarding engines is laughably insufficient. A smarter person would probably shake his head and walk away, but I am blissfully...