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  1. upcruiser

    The $3,000 Sportsmobile project

    Long time Expo member but have been on hiatus for a few years and doing a bit of a soft reentry. As the title states I just picked up a 2000 7.3 Sportsmobile with a Quigley Conversion, penthouse top and RB50 layout. It has 140,000 miles on the clock, and needs a bit of love. The known issues...
  2. upcruiser

    AEV Colorado ZR2 concept just went live Yes please. Stoked to have the first real entry into the aftermarket for these trucks.
  3. upcruiser

    Colorado Duramax thread

    Finally getting around to starting a thread on our 2016 Chevy Colorado with the 2.8 Duramax. We purchased it from our local dealer new. It is an LT longbed so has the 140" wheelbase and is pretty well loaded in addition to the goodies that come standard with the DMax (towing package, exhaust...
  4. upcruiser

    ARB Bullbar for Suburban fitment clarification

    I have been trying to find a bit of clarification on ARB's options for my 2004 K2500 Suburban. On ARB's site, when I plug in my vehicle details it shows me a winch bar at that is listed as Silverado 1500/2500/3500. I know there is a difference between the half ton and 3/4 / 1 ton frames and they...
  5. upcruiser

    Going domestic, project vanilla aka the family tankster, 2004 Suburban 2500

    Well, after a long search and even longer evaluation process of what would be the best rig for our family travels we settled on, and eventually found a cream puff of a 2004 Suburban 2500. …but let me start back a bit to color the backstory a bit… After the birth of our first kiddo we picked up...
  6. upcruiser

    2007 FJ Cruiser, ready to travel

    Anyone looking for a turnkey adventure mobile? We are getting rid of our FJ. Its been an awesome rig, a great combo of comfort, reliability and capability, but with the second kiddo coming, and wanting to do more traveling with our camper this spring, we are moving on to something different...
  7. upcruiser

    Best value Suburban as an all arounder

    Looking for some feedback, primarily from folks with experience with Burbs. We are considering getting rid of our FJ Cruiser to both get rid of a car payment AND to replace it with something with more interior space that can tow. My only experience with full size Chevys was a new 2005 1500...
  8. upcruiser

    A Week of Travelling, Mountainbiking, and family time in Southern Utah

    I put together a new blog post from our last outing. Travelling with our 9 month and getting some riding in as well as some quality family time. Here's a few pics.... See the rest of the pics and story here...
  9. upcruiser

    Government Shut Down and a Trip through Utah's Canyon Country

    Took the family out for a foray into the desert this past weekend. We soaked in the sights and enjoyed some time away from the day to day, being unplugged if you will. Our little guy Kruz is just shy of 3 months old and this was his 3rd camping trip. Here are some teaser pics.... The...
  10. upcruiser

    A Tale of 4 Passes; Marble to Alma, Colorado

    Here is a little writeup from our Labor Day outing where we linked together a route from Marble, Co to Alma/Fairplay crossing 4 passes. We had some wild weather, which seemed to be the norm for Colorado this summer, but made for some epic scenery and conditions. Here are some teaser pics...
  11. upcruiser

    A Wet Three Nighter in the San Juan Highcountry.... with our newborn.

    I have been slacking badly since last fall about doing any writeups on my trips. Figured I would put some time into this one since it was a first trip with our baby as well as a first trip with a new rig that we were shaking down a bit. We had some challenging weather that made for some...
  12. upcruiser

    Extremely nice 40th Anniversary 80 Series

    Not mine, but a friend of mine's here in Vail. This thing is super clean and a true survivor. Already built, just go out and enjoy it. I am posting a link from Mud where he put it up for sale. Figured someone over here might appreciate it and find it a good home...
  13. upcruiser

    The Fake Jeep Not a Real Cruiser Thread

    Man, in recent years has any vehicle stirred such extreme reactions?? Some people LOVE them, some people loathe them..... so whats the deal? Being a Land Cruiser purist (with a brief, yet happy experience with Rovers), I admit, I made snide comments about the FJ Cruiser for its styling, its...
  14. upcruiser

    Looking for a set of factory steel FJ60 rims

    Like the title says, I am on the hunt for an inexpensive set of 5, FJ60 steel rims for my truck. Would consider any other wheels in a 15x7 that would work with the correct backspacing. If anyone comes across a set, let me know. Wanting to go from a 33x12.50 to a 33x10.50 tire.
  15. upcruiser

    Back in a 60

    Well, after an 11 year absense of a 60 series in my life my fiancé and I picked this '85 up from our good friend KC after a drive down to Lander. I will post up more details soon regarding the truck and plans for it. For now just a few pics. With KC and his sharp looking FJ62 Pulled off to...
  16. upcruiser

    AEV JK Six Pack

    AEV is offering up a 6 seater JK for the SEMA show by giving the JKU a stretch. Just saw this posted on Autoweek. This could be a real gear hauler and be a very family friendly overlander. I dig.
  17. upcruiser

    Celebrating the Fall; 5 days in the UP's Copper Country

    Here's the link to a little photo essay from last week's foray to the Keweenaw Peninsula. Colors were at full peak and it was a pretty damn fun time despite my coconspirator dislocating her elbow the first morning. Some teaser pics.... See the rest here...
  18. upcruiser

    Upper Peninsula Overland Challenge 2012

    We just wrapped up our 5th annual UP Overland event. This year's event was a 4 day competition covering over 500 miles of UP backcountry including several state parks, a national park, a national forest, several state forests, vast stretches of undeveloped coasts along both Lake Michigan and...
  19. upcruiser

    Diesel Trooper on ebay

    Always liked these little trucks and this one looks solid.
  20. upcruiser

    Thermo-electric power on demand

    A friend of mine designed this, seems like a pretty cool little device...