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    Bed rack fabrication for RTT -- 06 Dodge Ram 3500

    I am running close to the same setup and love it.
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    Tom Hanks FJ-40 4 sale

    He is trying to buy Epstein Island!
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    Leitner Designs Accessories: Gear Pod XL, Gear Pod, Mounting Plate, Rooftop Tent Bracket, Maxtrax Mount, Etc

    I am in Nor Cal, normally I would drive down and pick the XL up from you, at the price of fuel in this communist state thats not happening. The people here get what they vote for!
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    Custom shell for flatbed or 4wd adventure trailer build

    What is diamentions between fender well?
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    Harbor Freight compressors? Check out the small California Air Compressors. I run mine off 1000 watt inverter. Fills 4 tires at once.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Where did you get the flatbed from?
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    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    Sewed my first pouches, the big one holds my solar extension cables.
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    M101A2 build

    What did you paint box with?
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    For 59.95 see how much you would use the X bull tracks.
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    Royal Adhesives Heliobond PV adhesive tape.

    Promote some of its uses.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Northern Nevada, never saw another Overlander!