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    Frontier "hidden" winch: some pictures

    I don't go crazy off-road like a lot of folks here but I do like to have options. I like to keep my truck as stock as possible but I wanted a winch. It isn't fully "hidden" but it is definitely low profile. Check out the pictures to make some of the discussion make more sense. I wanted to...
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    What's on the rear axle? (GMC Sierra)

    Sorry for the bad pictures. They're from a cellphone while driving. I noticed a strange tube-like device attached on the rear of the rear axle of a GMC Sierra (with "Denali" badging on the side). What is that? There is a small tube or rod coming out of each side. It seems distinct and...
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    Re-rigging a pull using a manual winch

    I've been wondering something for awhile. I've read of people using manual winches (Wyeth Scott or misc come-alongs) to pull rigs out. It seems like with enough snatch blocks and cable one can generate however much force you need. The only trade-off is time to rig everything up and how many...
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    Purchase decision: what's the leak (2007 Frontier V6)

    I'm looking at an '07 6-speed Frontier with > 160k miles on it. It seems clean and runs well. Normal scratches and wear you'd expect with the mileage. The rear diff has a minor leak which I'm not worried about, however there is another one from up under the engine area. I've done work on...
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    SOLD: Synthetic winch extension and Kinetic recovery rope

    SOLD These items were both purchased from Sept. 2011 and neither have been used. I stored both away from sun or any exposure while they rode in the truck in a truck box and they've been in the garage for the past 6 months. Item 1: Superline 3/8" x 100' 26,500lbs w/...
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    SOLD: 1991 F250 7.3L IDI 4x4 -- reliable, all mechanical diesel $3900

    SOLD An awesome platform for a full-size, domestic expo rig. 7.3L International diesel motor runs great. 5 new tires (255-85-16). Runs great on bio-diesel. Dual fuel tanks. Lots of new parts to keep it mechanically reliable. I planned to keep this truck forever and treated it as such...
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    WANTED: Wheel for spare: American Racing Outlaw II (16.5 x 9.75 -- 8 on 6.5)

    Title pretty much says it all. I know it's a long-shot but I thought I'd try here. I'm hoping to find a American Racing Outlaw II (16.5 x 9.75 -- 8 on 6.5). This is for a '91 Ford F250. FYI the tires on it are BFG ATs 35x12.5 R16.5. Thanks
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    Another "which wheel is this" question

    This is on a Ford F250 -- pretty standard size a I understand it. When I got my truck a couple of years ago it came w/ these over-sized tires and the stock spare underneath. I've been happy with them but I don't have a 5th wheel for a spare (nor a good place to store it). I'm figuring I'll...
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    FWC Grandby (1985) - $1000

    I got this only recently, but now I'm selling it. Please see the craigslist ad for more details. The only reason I'm not keeping it is because I live in a pretty urban environment and despite thinking very creatively and begging and pleading there just isn't anywhere for it to live while not on...
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    Slow and steady: '91 F-250 diesel build

    I've gotten a lot of inspiration from other folks on this and other boards posting their builds so I figure I'll start one myself. This will be the home of all the repairs and upgrades to my 1991 F250 ext. cab 4x4 diesel. 7.3L IDI motor -- normally aspirated (which I plan to change). Here...