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    Auction trailers

    In no way affiliated, so if this isn't allowed, please remove, but noticed on GovPlanet that there are 8 M101 a2's and A3's up for auction on March 8th. They are located at fort Benning, so if you are close, might be a good way to pick one up cheaply.
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    SoDak's M101A2 build

    Mostly a lurker here, post a little bit, but I was able to pick up this M101A2 in Texas on a GovPlanet auction. Not a bad deal for $300. I actually sold another really tiny Northern Equipment trailer to offset the cost of this one, bought some temporary trailer lighting, and with fuel to pick...
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    Positive CVT experience

    Just wanted to say what a great experience I had with CVT over the last few days. While unpacking the Mt Rainier Standard I purchased last Monday(and received Tulsa..that was fast!!!) I discovered it was not the tent I ordered. Shot a note to Megan and didn't hear anything from her...