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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    A solar panel is a current source so with no load the voltage will be nearly constant. The 18V spec is the max power point (at 5.56A). When the panel is connected directly to a battery the voltage is brought down to the charging voltage of about 14.4V and the current will go up slightly above...
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    New Bronco

    AMEN! And that applies to a lot of other vehicles also. Black interior + Arizona sun = an oven!
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    Will a JKU on 35s fit on a U-haul trailer ?

    When I had to tow my broken CJ-5 to a shop a few years back, it fit on the trailer, but the tie-downs wouldn't even come close to fitting over the 31" tires. I had to run them over the axles, which was sub-optimal but worked good enough for the ~40 mile trip. When you select a trailer on their...
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I'd sure like to see those photos. I'm sure others would too.
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    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    You are not that old, when I was in high school guys were not allowed to take Home Ec. We could take shop or a language, only one elective per year. I took shop and learned a lot of useful skills, but cooking and sewing were not among them.
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    Best Fridge

    I have 18 or 19 years on an Engel MT45 with no problems. It spent 8 years running all summer after I retired, before that it was used regularly on weekends. It was used in a Jeep for many years then in a variety of RVs. Currently it lives in a van right next to my bed, it doesn't keep me...
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    This would make a pretty sweet looking camper

    With that minimal ground clearance, it wouldn't be able to get up my driveway. Not my idea of a camper.
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    Rooftop solar question

    I have 400W of rigid panels on a medium roof Transit. They are mounted with feet from AM Solar, held on with VHB tape. Now at 5-1/2 years of trouble-free power.
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    It's Bronc o clock

    Now there is the 64 million dollar question!
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    2019 Colorado ZR2

    twin_magnolias wrote "Most importantly...BEER IS MORE ACCESSIBLE!!!" And that is all that really matters at the end of the day...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    If it included the Safari Top and Barn Door, I'd sure want one!
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    Anyone know about Port-Lite campers

    The website says "made in Maine" but the phone area code is for Atlanta, Georgia. 1350 lbs sounds way too light for what they say is in the camper. Color me sceptical...
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    Easter Jeep Concepts: The Wayout

    Problem is its illegal in the USA (at least) to put gasoline into a can thats any color but red nowadays.
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    120V plug's

    I use standard household receptacles from Home Depot. Good quality and low price. Mount them in standard outlet boxes, just like at home. White 15A outlet
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    Lance 815 Refrigerator upgrade...

    I had similar experiences with the original fridge in a Lance 845. I replaced it with a NovaKool unit 3 years ago and have been very happy with it. It is similar to a Vitrifigo. The extra space is really nice and it regulates temperature far better than the old unit did. I think you will...
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    Parks requiring RVIA?

    I have never had anybody look at my RVIA tag in the 15 years I've had an official RV. Before that I used a truck with topper. Never had an issue with that, either.
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    Let's discuss the on board water storage setups.

    For a shower head in my Lance camper I use a kitchen sprayer. Very low flow and you get to spray exactly where you need it, very little waste. The squeeze handle means no flow unless you want it. Home Depot version...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Just a suggestion - make another bag to hold the faucet and drain hose that then fits inside the sink when it goes into its bag. That way everything for the sink is in one place.
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    2018 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

    Me too, that was the best concept ever...
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    Just ordered. My new 2018 Jeep JLU Rubicon!!!!

    That may be due to the tires more than anything else. I remember when I switched from BFG All Terrains to Mud Terrains on my TJ a few years back the wandering increased a LOT. I bet if you put some good road tires on it would steer much better, but then it wouldn't be much good off-road anymore.