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    Off-Road Cargo Trailer Suggestions

    Pictures of the road would be good, but it sounds you might want to think about chopping the back off of a junkyard truck. Easy to modify for clearance and payload, can use a shell to enclose it, but you’d basically be stuck with the 5x8 bed size.
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    377 on the RTI, is that good?

    I haven’t taken my truck on a ramp yet, but from my research other vehicles rate as follows on a 20deg ramp: 100 series LC: 573 80 series LC: 593 2016 F150 4x4: 420 2016 JKUR: 724 16 Tacoma TRDOR: 492 16 Power Wagon: 538 18 Colorado ZR2: 489 2020 Tremor (rumor): 436
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    Possibilities for my F-150

    eh? Just cut the bolts and replace them with some decent Grade 8s, or even get oem replacements from a dealer and put them in from the bottom.
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    Possibilities for my F-150

    I've heard of using a rented spreader or hydraulic jack to force the crash bars apart in order to make clearance. Otherwise, people have cut the bolts to remove and swap the bars left/right so that they angle forward instead of backward. I have a regular cab, so I don't have front crash bars...
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    Steel vs Alumninium

    Bolted Aluminum > welded steel > welded aluminum Properly designed, you can assume that an aluminum frame would be half the weight of a steel frame for equal strength, before you add in corrosion resistance for the steel. You lose a lot of that weight advantage, or strength parity, without...
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    what gas engine? 2020 F350: 6.2 Gas or 7.3 L Gas?

    The 7.3L is lining up the potential to be a great engine, but you’re talking about a first-year, first-gen version of that motor compared to the known value of the 6.2. If I had to buy in 2020 then I’d get the 6.2 and let the bugs be found by someone who isn’t heading out into the middle of...
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    Ford 7.3L

    They’re setting this up to compliment a hybrid system. All of this focus on packaging means that they need space in the engine bay for something big, like an electric motor and battery. I’d wager that this platform is designed for horsepower and optimized for highway use but is tuned for...
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    Round LED Lights?

    JW Speaker has some that might float your boat. You might also look at HID lights.
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    Adventure ("Overland") Vehicles and Payload Capacity

    I like the example of the trailspintv YouTube channel when the hosts (kind of) did the trans-America trail from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast a year or two ago. They loaded up a JKU with a lift kit and hit the road without testing anything; I don’t think they made it out of North...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Hear hear!
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    Best (Or Most Dependable) All-Terrain Tire?

    Seconding the GY all terrains. They came stock on my F150 and I haven't upgraded yet - they've spent about a month total on trails, and a few days in light snow, in the past year and a half and I can't complain too much. I've taken some chunks out of the tread blocks, and the skin of the...
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    Map & hardware for off road, off grid, vehicle use.

    SD cards don't like heat very much - I had a mSD card in my tablet for very much the second purposes as you describe, and after six months of using it for navigation one or two weekends a month I started getting frustrated with how slowly it would load maps and such. Six months after that it...
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    XPCamper V2 (Camper only) - $37,000

    Not in a place to buy it, but I'm curious why you're selling it - the V2 has been on my radar for a while in planning for the future, and you make a decent case for it. Good luck with the sale in any case.
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    FS: Rigid Dually D2 Driving Beam Lights

    Are you including the wiring harness?
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    Lightforce Genesis 210mm HID (#DL210H50W)

    Are you including the anti-theft kit?
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    Map & hardware for off road, off grid, vehicle use.

    I'm pretty happy with an android tablet (NVidia shield tablet - not sure that I would recommend this one but I can't hate on it either) and GaiaGPS. Built-in storage space is critical - microSD expansion cards are slow and unreliable.
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    Crux Off road makes some aluminum traction aids that can act as bridging ladders, hold up to wheel spin, and have spikes (for lack of a better word) at the corners to bite into ice and such. They aren't but 50% more expensive than a pair of MaxTrax, which seems like a no-brainer to me. Speaking...
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    Baja Almanac 2009 like new. 250$ incl shipping

    $250 for a map book that's nearly a decade out of date? Is there an iPad embedded inside or something?
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    Bed Cap or keep my bed rack

    Yours is the adjustable rack that I was referring to. I remember looking into it about a year and a half ago and saw a weight rating that was too low for my tastes - I'll take your word that it's 450lb as opposed to the 200 that I said. If I remember right it was buried inside one of their...