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    2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited with fully loaded Alu-Cab Canopy Camper $57K (SOLD)

    Hey there, if this is still available, could I get your email to get a conversation started? Very interested. Could you email me at Thanks!
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    Turn-Key Overland Built Tacoma and AT Summit $56K -- SOLD

    I'm very interested but life is kinda crazy for me until after Spring Break with kiddos. My biggest hurdle is making sure this would fit in my garage at our house in AZ. I'll be down there next week. If it can fit, this will work for me. Maybe we can jump on a call at some point if it is not...
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    Turn-Key Overland Built Tacoma and AT Summit $56K -- SOLD

    Do you know/have you tried to fit in standard 7" garage?
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    SOLD - 2012 Tacoma DCSB TRD OR with AT Overland Atlas

    Would you mind letting me know the total height of the vehicle? Thanks!
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    (SOLD) 2012 Ram Power Wagon Laramie w/ FWC Hawk Flatbed,

    After the accident, does this still have clean title? I'm interested.
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    2004 Discovery 2 for trade? Sale?

    Well, its not the standard beater. I've found with all my vehicles, you get what you pay for...… And, if you buy one with a nice body, drop and a new engine in and do all the modifications, it gets up there really quickly.
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    2004 Discovery 2 for trade? Sale?

    Swedjen, honestly, I'm not sure. I can find out if you are truly interested. Engine swap was done at Green Oval in PDX. Work I have had done has been at Import Performance and Matrix Integrated in Bend.
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    2004 Discovery 2 for trade? Sale?

    I'm just tossing around an idea out there is someone has some interest to see if there is a match. I have a mint 2004 Discovery 2 that I bought last December. It had a "new" rebuilt engine put in within 7,000 miles with a new block (4.6L V8), 127.000 on chasis. The interior is mint and...