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    Suburban vs Excursion for Family of 8

    Fuel mileage with a 8.1 and 4.10s is very comparable to a 6.0 and 4.10s (pretty lousy but neither was built for economy). I would absolutely buy another 8.1.
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    Larry's 1978 K10

    Do you happen to know what AN adapters are required for gmt800 hydroboost? Now that I have the engine oil cooler lines fixed, the power steering is leaking BAD! The stupid part is I really considered keeping the two hoses because I had a feeling I wasn't done with this, but we were moving...
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    Braided Air Line for Compressor options

    As above, synflex air brake tubing. It's cheap, readily available and easy to work with. It's fairly abrasion resistant. It does not tolerate heat well.
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    Larry's 1978 K10

    Hey Larry, do you have a permanent solution for leaking engine oil cooler lines? I'm debating cutting the hoses off the steel lines and installing hydraulic hose with Mikalor clamps. I replaced the two hydroboost pressure lines this spring, and appears one is leaking already, so that's going...
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    ARB bumper guys

    Perfect. Thanks for the pictures and the thorough explanation.
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    Warn Industries Supports Expedition Portal

    Hey Warn, Can you advise if it's acceptable to mount a 9.5cti feet forward? I have an ARB bumper looking for a winch, and I have a 9.5cti looking for a home, as well as a 8274 (actually a 8074!) - but that certainly won't fit without cutting up the bumper. Can you provide the pinout of this...
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    ARB bumper guys

    Can someone post a pic of two of the bumper mounts for a 2500 Silverado? I seem to recall someone here modifed an ARB bumper to install a 8724 winch, but don't remember who... Anyone know?
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    Thoughts on Ford Traction LOK LSD

    I'll second what others have said about a limited slip having winter quirks. Had a track lok in the back of my ranger, and it would slide the back end out at pretty inopportune times.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Thats a sharp looking Yukon! What brand and the headlights and do you like them? The stance and tires look just about perfect. Details?
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    Rangadanga's 2001 Suburban 2500

    How much difference does the sound deadening make?
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    I (obviously) only noticed it with the drivers door at first, but last night I was in and out of the passenger side several times and it didn't respond either. Where is this connection you speak of? What module controls this function?
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    Two somewhat minor issues that I'm looking to resolve. 1) The "fasten seatbelt" alarm is chiming even if the Yukon is in park. Any way to disable it? 2) My 05 Silverado sporadically not recognizing either door is open, so the interior lights don't operate with the doors, and the radio stays...
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    Suburban vs silverado 2500hd?

    Well... I happen to have both. 2005 Silverado 2500 ext cab short bed 6.0 w/ 4.10s and a 2004 yukon 2500 8.1 w/ 4.10s. We bought the yukon after our second child, though mostly because I didn't like having two car seats crammed in our car. Both are fine, but I find myself driving the yukon...
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    A couple more tanks of fuel resulted in 19.64L/100km (11.9 MPG US) and 17.74L/100km (13.26 MPG). The final numbers were 1868 km (1160 miles) consumed 340 liters of fuel (90 US gallons) for a final average of 18.2L/100km (12.9 MPG US). I'm still pretty happy considering a significant portion of...
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    2nd fill up of the trip was 16.954 L/100km or 13.87 mpg (US). Pretty not bad, I think!
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    Are denali headlights any better? Are they a direct replacement?
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    Got the new shocks on friday, installed them a couple of days ago and disabled the autoride computer, so no more "service autoride" message on the instrument cluster. The ride is a bit better too, I wasn't expecting miracles for a 3/4 ton. 19.89L/100km or 11.8 mpg (US) on the last fill...
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    Ram Hemi towing experiences?

    Dad has a 1500 hemi w/ 3.92s that we used for a couple of trips thru the mountains when they moved. I think it's a 2007. I don't know how heavy that trailer was, but suffice to say it was loaded. It did an admirable job; going up the steep climbs it was never short on power, but I'm almost...
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    My 6.0 2500 HD w/ 4.10s averages about 10 mpg. The 8.1 Yukon w/ 4.10s averages a little better than 12 mpg. This is mostly short trips.
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    2004 8.1 Yukon

    Hydroboost pressure hoses are done. That was a painful process too! I imagine doing it with a hoist wouldn't have been so bad, but I don't have that luxury. Getting the fitting lined up on the back of the pump was awful! Nearly 4 hours to replace the two hoses and do an oil change; not my...