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    Fitting up a Hallmark Raton to a Tundra

    I haven’t been around this forum for a while. It seems like the best resource for my current project. I picked up this Hallmark for $400. Structurally it’s in decent shape but it had been infested by mice and after an initial cleaning it still has quite an odor. I’ll work on that some more once...
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    Fiberglass camper axle question.

    I'm calling on your help here. I took frame off my camper to work on frame and wheels, add shocks and add some gerry can racks and a new bumper. My plan is to change hubs from 4 by 4 - 13" to 5 by 4.5 - 15". I will put on a 28-29" tire. The axle is 2000# Dexter. The shell in the pic weighs...
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    New frame VIN issue

    SO here is a question for you guys that have rebuilt a camper including a new frame. My camper is registered and the VIN is stamped on the tongue. I'm going to built a new frame to go under the camper. What do you do to transfer the registration if you want to sell the old frame? I hope I'm...
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    ARB Awning on fiberglass camper

    Im considering bolting an ARB awning on my build. Its a modified fiberglass "egg" style camper. I know they are meant to mount to a rack. Anyone have pics of one modified and mounted to a smooth surface?
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    Expo Build for a fiberglass camper.

    I bought a 1975ish Hunter Compact, which is a fiberglass egg style camper. I gutted and am building out the interior in a minimalistic/expo way and was wondering if anyone on here has any examples of an off road frame mod they have done on a similar camper. I've been real excited about this...