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    Can you make a electric travel cooler out of a Mermite food container?

    I have used one of these: Koolatron Slim Compact P20 Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler Warmer, 17L / 18 Quart Capacity, For Camping, Travel, Truck, SUV, Car, Boat, RV, Trailer, Tailgating, Made in North America: Automotive for ~10 years and it has been great when I have pre cooled...
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    Anybody make a fully modular truck camper?

    I see GFC camper looks like it comes apart into individual pieces but from everything I have read that looks like it is meant more for repairs. What I am looking for is something like GFC, super Pacifica, etc. but breaks down for storage. I.E. RTT like structure separates for storage, side...
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    Help diagnosing a battery

    Have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with the Genesis dual battery system. I have two standard Walmart Everstart batteries that are about 2 and 1/2 years old (I know I should be getting something like the optima battery but I won the Genesis system and at the time I just couldn't afford it/I wasn't...
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    Electrical problem help

    I have a 2012 JKUR with a genesis dual battery system. Currently has two Walmart regular car batteries. My issue is I have two auxillary tanks with pumps that are not working consistently. Did work fine for approximately 6 months. Pumps are standard 12v fuel transfer pumps. One is wired to a...
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    Looking to borrow a temporary top

    I am going to be traveling about 10 hours to go pick up a jeep camper top (j180). I don't really want to ride 10 hours through the Nevada sun on the interstate with my kid without some sort cover (plus my wife will kill me). Does someone local to San Diego have a safari or some other type of...
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    Holes in plywood platform

    I am making a simple sleeping platform for my jeep and I am looking to drill a series of holes to decrease the weight but I don't want to over do it and sacrifice the integrity of the system. Anyone have recommendations on distance between holes, alignment, etc? Plywood is 3/4" Pine, 70" long...
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    Making own fridge need advice

    I currently have a Koolatron P20 Compact 12V Cooler that has served me well but is on its last legs. I have found a couple of websites that talk about essentially making the same thing with a generic container. I have a rampage trail can (storage jerry can) that I want to try and make work...
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    Rotopax like sand ladder? Has anyone seen or tried one of these? Not sure how I feel about it. I like the idea and would be perfect for me as I don't do hard...
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    Mile Marker SEC8 winch and Goal zero yeti 400

    I have a Mile Marker SEC8 winch with wireless remote. I bought it here on expo about a year ago and have not used it other than to test it initially in my garage, previous owner said "Barely used Mile Marker SEC8 8,000lb winch in multi-mount cradle with wireless and wired remote." It is in a...
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    Titan trekker on sale

    FYI for anyone that has been wanting a titan trekker fuel tanks they are on sale for $269 on titans website.
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    Best group 34 battery

    I won a genesis dual battery system for my jeep jkur. It requires 2 group 34 batteries, cost is a huge factor for me right now so I am looking for something that will get me through a weekend of camping running a 12v cooler and lights mostly without breaking the bank. Appreciate any...
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    Jeep shower heater (synergy version) questions

    I got a great deal on synergy's sit shower shave vehicle water heater kit that I am going to install on a 2012 JKUR. I have the installation instructions and I have a couple of questions: - the kit has caps to cover the water side inlet/outlet for when you are not using it. I had read on...
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    NP242 transfer case in a JKU?

    I have a 2012 jeep wrangler (jku) Rubicon. I like the jeep but I really miss the selec trac np 242 I have in my liberty. I know many people will think I am crazy but it is something I use all the time and the boss and I have found it to make our driving experience more enjoyable. I know it will...
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    Timer for 12v pump

    I am looking at making a siphon pump for my aev tank. Basically start it pumping while do other things in camp. I would like to setup a timer on the power so I don't burn out the pump. What are my options?
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    pop up camper and aluminess bumper

    At overland expo east I was watching a presentation on medium trucks given by I believe Tom of 4 wheel campers. He had a great setup with a Tacoma, fleet pop up, an aluminess bumpers w/boxes. My question is how hard is it to remove the camper with the aluminess boxes? Do the boxes have to be...
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    GPS that is a cell phone?

    I have a Samsung Omnia that is about 5 years old that has the ability to navigate without being on the network. I was able to get a Garmin micro SD card for the maps and essentially had a stand alone GPS. Both the maps and the phone are getting a little old and I was wondering if there is...
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    Wee Bunk

    I was looking at Colorado Camper Van's RTT and noticed that they have something called a wee bunk ( and there are some pictures, but I can't get a good feel for how it attaches to the RTT. Does anyone have one of these or something like it?
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    slim coffee pot

    I have the normal blue coffee pot that is wide at the bottom narrow at the top. We seldom make coffee in it, but use it for heating water on the fire. My problem is it doesn't pack very well, and would like ideas on something to heat water over the campfire that is a little slimmer to pack. Thanks.
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    jeep bed slide, slide question

    I want to make a slide out for the back of my JKU similar to the frontrunner slide out or a truck bed slide out. What types of slides would work for this application? I would like to have at least a 500lbs weight limit on the slides.
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    Propane tank storage

    So I don't like the idea of caring the propane in my Jeep, so I decided to fab something up for outside carry. I bought a used rugged ridge Off-Road Jack Mount, 07-10 Wrangler, Textured Black 11586.01, cut off the top brackets, and then got a 4x4 and a 1" piece of wood to set in where the jack...