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    SOLD: 2018 VMI Off Road Expedition Trailer with CVT Tent and ARB Fridge/Freezer in Portland, Oregon

    A few questions: What bolt pattern? (Fingers crossed it matches a JK) Would it fit 35’s or would it need suspension mods to do so? How much does it weigh with tent on it? Does it have brakes? Are you including the tent at that price? I am in Seattle and quite interested. Thank you and GLWS.
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    2021 F150 Towing Capacity Increase on some models

    A potential downside for this feature will be when insurance companies and/or lawyers start paying attention. If there's an accident in which an F150 driver is at fault, you can expect an inquiry whether this feature exists, was turned on, and has recorded data showing whether the driver in the...
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    Quarantine Project: F-150 Camper Build

    If it got you out on adventures in the woods and to Wyoming and Colorado, it is way more an overland vehicle than if you had spent all year bolting stuff on and never left the house, that’s for sure. I really like your functional drawer set-up. Are you able to sit up on the bed with the...
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    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    Question: For those of us without (1) sufficient DIY skills to build a camper, or (2) sufficient workspace to do so, do you have a list of recommended builders who can assist customers to spec out and then execute to build a turn key unit? I'm in the Seattle area, so builders in the PNW...
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    Scout Olympic vs Kenai

    The only place I've found what seems to be a Cirrus 620 is here: I can't figure out where the refrigerator is from these pics, and interior storage looks pretty sparse.
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    Late model Ford SuperCabs: Do the doors creak?

    Also have a '14 SCAB F150. I have a bit of rattle or jarring on bumps from the latch area where the suicide door latches to the front door, accompanied by rubbing/movement of the weather-stripping along the door seam. My suspension is Icon with Deaver rear springs, so pretty stiff on highway...
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    SOLD: Sprinter 4x4- 144WB- 2017 - $80k - 38,000 miles

    A few questions: Do you have any extended warranty/when does the warranty run to? What size fresh h2o tank? Is there a grey water tank, or does the sink drain through the floor or ? No water heater or exterior shower, or even cold exterior spray-down? Both seats swivel, but it looks like only...
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    Scout Campers - new and look promising

    Ran across these today: Love the simple approach, propane fireplace, the rooftent with access from inside, etc. Very eager to see the bigger "Kenai" model they mention as coming in the Fall and having an inside bathroom. If that one stays true to the concept...
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    Very happy with Hallmark during the whole order and customizing phase.

    Must have many pictures, please. Super keen to see your custom layout. Thank you and enjoy your camper.
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    Real world MPG/experiences

    2014 F150 5.0 Supercab here. Icon suspension with 305/70/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers and geared 4.10. Never do worse than 15 mpg around town, which in my case means a lot of sitting in traffic in Seattle. On the highway i typically drive between 70 - 75 and approach 16.5 - 17 mpg. Given tires...
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    A Boreas XT Thread

    Thank you for posting. I ran across itwoverland’s blog about the new larger xt12 and am keeping my eye on that one when it becomes real. Love your Jeep. Hope you are still enjoying your trailer. Moving to the top in hopes other owners may surface and chime in.
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    Our First Trip to Death Valley

    Very ambitious outing for the amount of time you were gone . . . but from a fellow PNW'er, I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures to find the sun. Great start to the write-up and looking forward to more.
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    WITHDRAWN - no idea how to delete this post

    I was not expecting the beautiful interior when I clicked to the pictures. Very nice build. May I ask you: (1) How is the interior anchored to the truck bed (as this is a shell, not a slide in camper, correct?), and (2) Who did the interior build? GLWTS!
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    Truma? / what is a hard side camper like to drive? (cross winds, handling on highways)

    I've been wondering whether Northern Lite would do special orders at all -- as I'm considering an 8-11 and would love to drop the oven in favor of storage and smev stovetop, go to a smaller 12v compressor fridge, switch to Truma heat/water, and install Yakima tracks on the roof. With these...
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    VMI Offroad Trailer Registry... and support group.

    Trailer looks great. Looks like you have some plugs on the side. What do you have in the way of water and/or electric? Any more pictures of the inside? What does this weigh?
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Threadjack alert: Can you please start a new thread reporting on your experience with the Black Series, or respond on the Black Series trailer thread in the trailer section? I've been looking for some real world opinion, and you're the first owner I've run across. Thank you.
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    Sold Ruger Trailer

    Where are you located? Is it a Toyota bolt pattern?
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    An RTT on the roof is a fantastic idea, from my perspective. Presumably this might mean a big skylight for star viewing from inside as well, i.e., if you access the RTT by going up to the roof from inside/dinette and forward into the RTT? If the tent mounted to a platform it would also be great...
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    Xpedition Camper out of Minnesota

    I was able to spend time looking at this camper in Flagstaff over the weekend. Pete was very generous with his time and my questions. My initial impression was that the design and execution are really sound. Intangible, but very important, Pete seems like good people. I'd not consider a six...