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    Go big or go home:

    100k houses as well as 1m houses use white pine 2x6s primarily for wall construction today but no one I have ever met who knows anything about construction uses 2x4 for flat roofs except for kids in back yard forts. Are you getting your advice on how to build this from a guy at a lumber yard...
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    Bronco effect on Used Unlimited Prices???

    You guys post as though you are under the assumption that a sizeable percentage if not most Wrangler owners actually use their vehicles off road. There must be data out there on how many wrangler owners actually take their vehicles to places that a 77 Pinto couldn't go.
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    Go big or go home:

    Why did you choose to use white pine 2x4's for all of this?
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    ID This Snatch Block

    I acquired one that looks exactly like that in a box of stuff at an auction from a tree service that closed. The pully on mine has a big chip taken out of it making it pretty much junk. It is just a low grade cast iron pully on a bolt that is probably 3/4 diameter. I believe this was meant to...
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    Diff in coleman dual fuel stoves

    One of the best threads on this forum
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    Bronco effect on Used Unlimited Prices???

    Specs I read say bronco wheelbase is 2 inches less than jeep and with is 2 inches more width. Doesn't seem like that much of a difference to me. F150 is another 4 inches wider than Bronco. Where I work there are over 20 wranglers in the parking lot every day. Id be willing to bet that 75...
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    Propane Generator

    Have any of you had issues with propane powered generators in cold temps?
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    Can I use 2 MaxTrax to drive up 9” (90 degree) vertical curb?

    Get a shovel or a rake and push that loose debris up against the curb and drive out. Not really sure if your are kidding about all of this but if you aren't you should not get very far from civilization.
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    Air compressor for HD trucks

    A big air tank can help make up for a small compressor. What kind of room do you have under the truck for an air tank? There are many different sizes available if you do some searching. Speedway Motors has a good selection
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    Lets talk shovels

    When I was a kid I had a US military style folding shovel with about an 18 inch handle that had a folding pick on it also. It is long gone but I thought it was of pretty sturdy design and construction. The locking nut would come loose every so often but a quarter turn by hand and it was good...
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    Building a Micro-Split AC System

    OP I admire your effort and hope the project proves successful
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    Air Cooled V-Twin In A 4x4? Yes, Seriously.

    Based on this thread one should really consider an air cooled engine for their overland rig lol. If you want to do something unique for the fun factor to drive around the block with lots of work and minimal results and have lots of free time than go for it. Otherwise this is a pretty silly...
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    Air Cooled V-Twin In A 4x4? Yes, Seriously.

    Since the engine was designed to move through the air with the crank oriented sideways I would think that you would have a very difficult time trying to cool the back side of the cylinder heads in an enclosed engine compartment.
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    GM 4.8?

    The OP is comparing 2 gas engines from the GM LSX family used in 1/2 ton pickups.
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    1992 Dodge W250 Cummins / VW Vanagon Abomination *MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS*

    I am very confused on what you are going to do but can't wait to see it come together.
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    GM 4.8?

    I would think it would be slow and not likley to hurt a 4l60. How heavy would you anticipate the truck weighing when loaded, and would you plan on pulling a trailer? How fast would you want to cruise on the highway? A 5.3 6 speed would probably get at least the same gas mileage and far better...
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    Long term pickup trailer build.

    I have thought about that jack idea before but have been concerned about sway or movement due to play in the receiver and swivel assembly. I have been mocking up ideas with welding the receiver tubing directly to the jack and angling the jack both out and backwards. Jack would just be...
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    Customizing a Lock N Roll Hitch to fit receiver

    IMO the easy way out is to cut 3/4 of an inch off the insert so the pin will fit. Unless you are at the ragged edge of tongue weight I doubt that it would make a difference. If you want to sleep better and spend more money than shorten the insert up as close to the bumper as you can and have a...
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    A pretty decent video about how Harley-Davidson killed itself

    Ok if you don't think your replies to my posts were attacks towards me how would you characterize them? You seem to have little interest in answering the questions I have asked you, why is that? Getting back on subject why did you feel so strongly about Harley that you felt the...
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    A pretty decent video about how Harley-Davidson killed itself

    Stalking would be continually replying to your posts with you not addressing me. Since you are quoting me and therefore directly addressing me I am only continuing the conversation. I find it odd that since I have entered this thread you have not actually addressed or answered any of the...