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    Water heater

    Has anybody here hooked up a ridgeyard tankless water heater in their camper?
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    New member's build finally in the truck.

    Hi new guy here, Mostly a watch & learn type of guy. Love the knowledge & experience that is found in this forum. I am 67, recently retired, and have built a few "crude" campers over the years for my western hunting trips. Last fall a deer collision totaled my Silverado conventional cab. I...
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    Introduction and a question. Build is now almost complete.

    Hello All, New member here, mostly a watch & learn for me. I'm 67 and recently retired. Live in northern Minnesota. Usually make 1 or 2 trips a year to Wyoming or Montana. Been building "crude" homemade campers for a few years now for my western hunting trips. Wrecked my Silverado with a...