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    How noisy are aluminum storage cases?

    I just ordered the Zarges boxes. My plan is line the floor and sides of the cases with tool box drawer liner using spray adhesive.
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    How noisy are aluminum storage cases?

    how was the noise level after you lined the container with the tool box liner ?
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    How noisy are aluminum storage cases?

    Trying to decide between the Zarges and Wolf Packs. It sounds like you prefer the Wolf Pack over the Zarges. Who makes the Storm cases?
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    How noisy are aluminum storage cases?

    What ABS bins did you go with? Most thin-walled plastic bins I have looked at have angled sides and overlapping lids which make them way less efficient space-wise.
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    How noisy are aluminum storage cases?

    I am on the fence on what to use for storage going forward. I've used a huge Pelican 1650 case + Action Packers for years. The pelican case is heavy at 24lbs (empty), and the Action packers waste space. None of this storage needs to go on the roof, so I don't need the robustness that comes...
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    Camp Chair Recommendations

    I have enjoyed the strongback chair for years, but must admit that it doesn't pack up very small. I am thinking of trying the Nemo Stargazer. Any feedback on it?
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    Kodiak Bow Flex for Beach Camping

    I just checked, and it turns out I didn't buy 18". Instead, I got 24" x .5" lag bolts, and I do think they are sufficient at Pismo. I bought them on Amazon when they went on sale.
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    Kodiak Bow Flex for Beach Camping

    I have camped a couple times at Pismo Beach with the Kodiak 10x10. Pismo gets *very* windy, and the Kodiak did very well. However, I did not use the standard tent stakes. I used some conduit cut to 18" length, instead. For the next trip, I have 18" Lag bolts that I drive in with a small...
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    Favorite car camping sleeping bag

    Cabela's Alaskan Guide -20deg bag Another vote for the Cabela's Alaskan Guide -20deg bag. Nice down top, but synthetic below, since it gets compressed anyway. squared off corners with good air circulation control for when it gets really cold
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    Armada questions

    I've got a 2010 Armada that I bought new and it is still on its first set of brakes at 60K miles and the rear HVAC lines are fine... is the paint.
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    Anyone use a Vestibule Wing accessory for Kodiak 10' Canvas Tents

    I have the Kodiak 10x10 and am considering this vestibule. It might be nice for a wind-protected place to cook. I would like to see it in person before buying it, though...