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    97 Suburban 2500 454, bad torque converter?

    I’m thinking about looking at a 1997 Suburban 2500, leather, 255k miles. It has the 454 and the guy is selling it cheapish as it’s not running. I talked to him and he said he (and a mechanic friend) thinks it’s the torque converter. He described it as feeling it’s “always under load”. I can’t do...
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    02 Interstate 4x6 loadrunner SOA conversion

    I recently purchased a used cargo trailer and would like to do a spring over conversion. It looks like I should be able to purchase some new hardware, unbolt the springs, roll the axel out, bolt the springs, rotate the axel and reinstall it under the springs using the new hardware. It's a 4x6...
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    Full size GM suggestions, suburban or pickup.

    I'm considering a non dd, second or third vehicle for fun times. I'd like to spend as little as possible and get the best value. I'm open to 73-87, gmt 400-500, maybe gmt 800. I don't necessarily need to tow, but it's not a daily driver and I'd like that as an option for the future if the...
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    Subaru OBW build(?) mods(?) or whatever..

    I thought I should post some images of my project. 1996 Subaru OB, 2.2L, 5 spd, 121,xxx, cold weather pkg, General Grabbers AT2, some window tint on the top half and some bedliner on the lower half.
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    Looking at 99 wj Laredo 4.7. Opinions?

    I'm looking at a 1999 GC Laredo 4.7, 157k. It's not my first jeep, but I'm wondering the good/bad of this particular model. I was offered it in trade and trying to figure out how this year/model is generally viewed here. What should I be looking for if I go take a look at it? Thanks
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    Ever see one of these?

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    Other RTTs like Autohome Maggiolina?

    Hey all, I'm wondering about other RTT's like the Autohome Maggiolina. Any other manufacturers? I also like the Columbus style, but lean towards the Mag. Anybody built their own? Thanks
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    Somebody please buy this....and post your thread!

    No affiliation to the seller, but OOHHHHHHH the possibilities!
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    Newbie lurker question

    I'm a newbie here and have been checking it out for a couple weeks. I have a question...I love expediton type rigs and remember reading years ago about the Camel Tropy in Autoweek. For all that time, occasionally I've seen pics of vehicles with cables (or so they appear) running from the roof...