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  1. GordoSmasho

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    This chassis is on its way out but man has it been a fun 10yrs with this girl. Haulin me, my wife, 3 kids and a dog, anywhere i point it. 97 2dr XJ 5speed 4.0. 10.3:1 Atlas and jk44s build on 37s
  2. GordoSmasho

    fabricated console ideas

    I like this. Looking forward to see what you come up with. Subd
  3. GordoSmasho

    On-Island XJ Build

    I fixed mine by getting new door cards. Haha Mine were a bit harder to find being a 2dr but some fell in my lap and i traded my old ones to a buddy so he could build half doors with them. Are you going to try and repair them?
  4. GordoSmasho

    Why not use frozen water bottles for cooler for 2-3 day trips?

    That is some very cool science i did not know.
  5. GordoSmasho

    Battery operated impact driver vs. pneumatic

    This is what i use. It out works my pneumatic guns by far. 1,100 ft/lbs loosening power. I rarely need it but its nice to have...
  6. GordoSmasho

    Pickup and JK wrangler storage drawers

    X2. On a budget your only real option is to build something youself.
  7. GordoSmasho

    The "Mother Lode" 2005 GMC Yukon

    Wow. Just found this thread and thought damn that thing looks familiar. I talked to you at loon lake in september. You guys camped near me and my dad. Sorry to see the flop at the dunes. That is a sick rig. Glad everyone was ok.
  8. GordoSmasho

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    Im not saying it isnt. Just saying it looks alot like the kamprite. I found the coleman version too. Rebrand maybe. Sorry to side track the thread.
  9. GordoSmasho

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    Um that table looks alot like the kamp-rite kwik set table.
  10. GordoSmasho

    Coleman Addiction.....for pesants. ha ha ha!

    Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  11. GordoSmasho

    Love Boat build!

    Those tanks are awesome. FYI you can swap in a zj gas tank with very minimal modification and get almost 22 gallons. I am running this setup with a jcr skid. With no modification to the skid.
  12. GordoSmasho

    Lucinda Build

    That shroud is flippn sweet. Nice work.
  13. GordoSmasho

    Lucinda Build

    Your van looks legit. Super cool
  14. GordoSmasho

    Lucinda Build

    Looks great man. Glad you got the vibes taken care of. Nice work.
  15. GordoSmasho

    Lucinda Build

    If you do a cv then you likely will not need shims judging from your original angles.
  16. GordoSmasho

    Lucinda Build

    Id start with the spacers. Your pinion is still to high. The tcase drop probably wont do much at a 1/2". They are also a bandaid fix. A new drive shaft should cost you around 200 shipped for a non cv style. About 300 for a cv shaft plus whatever an sye is for your tcase. Check on ebay. There...
  17. GordoSmasho

    power tools: red, yellow, or blue. need help...

    I several thousands of dollars(embarassing) in milwaukee tools. Ive worked through dewalt ryobi and makita. I replaced them all. I have both fuel 18v and 12v. Have been using them to make a living for many years. I still have my original m18 impact going strong after six years of daily hard...
  18. GordoSmasho

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Good question. I have a cook station planned for my xj. Hadnt even though of that.
  19. GordoSmasho

    Lucinda Build

    The tank hanging behind that rear bump looks awfully unprotected. Id throw a simple skid over that. Bumpers look good man.
  20. GordoSmasho

    Lucinda Build

    For visual This applies to standard slip yoke drive shafts. I think your current setup looks like the third example. I think the easiest fix for you would be to add some leaf angle shims to rotate the pinion down a bit. How big are the blocks you are running on those leafs. That is going to...