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  1. BajaSurfRig

    1981 4x4 Chinook.....

    Not mine but kinda dig it (although it is overpriced for what it is)...
  2. BajaSurfRig

    Is an F250 6.2 V8 Gas Reliable Enough?

    @dole I have a 2014 F250 6.2 with 85k trouble free miles so far. Just for a reference point I bought it with 73k miles on it for $25k. There is an electrical harness attached to the e-brake pedal that can cause some funky issues if the pedal is being let go of and slamming back up. I snipped the...
  3. BajaSurfRig

    1997 F250 4x4 w/ Callen Camper (not mine)

    Surprised this hasn't sold yet (not mine).... 1997 Ford F250 with Callen Camper, 4 wheel drive, new compressor/cold AC, 5.4 crate engine with only 35k miles, transmission overhauled and has only 25k miles. Have all paperwork. Heavy duty jacks and tailgate included so you can remove the camper...
  4. BajaSurfRig

    DIY Composite Camper T100 Expedition Vehicle Build

    You might want to reach out to figerglass supply shops. The Craft here in San Luis Obispo carries a ton of different types of foam for boat building, shaping surfboards, etc... I recently stopped by and they had full nidacore sheets. Rad looking build!!!
  5. BajaSurfRig

    1986 toyota van 4WD hi top

    Whats the standing height in the van?
  6. BajaSurfRig

    Callen Camper (Not Mine)

    If I didn't already have a camper on my truck I'd be all over this one:
  7. BajaSurfRig

    Service Body

    @KDB this thing is so rad!!!
  8. BajaSurfRig

    Indecision, the (Ford) Used Diesel Market and the Year 2021 - Need a sanity check

    What gears and tire size are you running to get 15 mpg in a 6.2 with a camper?
  9. BajaSurfRig

    Various methods to attached FWC to truck

    I have my 83 grandby bolted through my truck bed in the front and I use turn buckles in the rear. I occasionally need to tighten the turn buckles but have never had to tighten the nuts on the bolt. I have been running my FWC camper like this for years and it has been pretty trouble free FWIW.
  10. BajaSurfRig

    F-550 bumper

    Will this fit a 2014 F250 4x4? Where are you located in CA?
  11. BajaSurfRig

    BUMP Price drop $12,000 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 12 valve Cummins club cab long bed 4x4 177K miles in NW Wyoming $13,000 NO RUST

    Rad rig GLWS! @Regcabguy you mean like these?
  12. BajaSurfRig

    F-350 Rats under the hood

    Peppermint essential oil works wonders to deter mice and rats. I use it in a spray bottle mixed with some water and spritz throughout the motor and around the bottom of my camper/truck.
  13. BajaSurfRig

    Solar panels >200 W on FWC Grandby

    I have two smaller renogy 100 watt panels on the roof of my 1983 Grandby. I have room to fit one more 100 watt panel (while still leaving the other half of the roof open for surfboards), and I may do this in the near future. Make sure you have gas shocks to help raise the roof as it will get...
  14. BajaSurfRig

    OBS F250 Build

    @PSD I am currently driving a 2014 F250 with the 6.2 Gas. I loved my 7.3's but my last one began to seriously nickel and dime me and financially it made sense to get a newer truck with a third the miles (selling old truck + potential cost of new transmission and suspension update= cost of new...
  15. BajaSurfRig

    OBS F250 Build

    @PSD beautiful build I sure miss my OBS's sometimes. You might have some luck finding those clips here:
  16. BajaSurfRig

    pop up TC needs a new roof.

    @angelajonesepdm what product would you recommend to re-seal a FWC Grandby Roof? Will your products seal over seams and screws on a roof?
  17. BajaSurfRig

    2020 Ford F250 on 37s - Expedition Truck Camper Build!

    If you don't mind a quick hi-jack I have a question for the folks here that have more experience with gearing and tires than I do. I have a 2014 6.2 with 3.73's and stock my truck came with 245/75r17's (31.5's) FWIW. The PO put on 275/65r18's (32.1's). I am looking into up sizing to a...
  18. BajaSurfRig

    Cool 98 Fuso Camper

    This thing is too cool not to share (it is not mine but I wish it was):
  19. BajaSurfRig

    ***SOLD*** 2020 FWC HAWK Front Dinette / 2019 F250 CC 4x4 (Combo)

    @WASURF63 GLWS its a beautiful rig!! Any chance you have a link to where you got the board racks? I avoid strapping logs to the roof at all costs unless I am doing a proper trip.
  20. BajaSurfRig

    Reasonably Priced First Gen Tacoma + Flip Pac

    Not mine: