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    New Espar D2 (not S2/D2L) Diesel Heater - $800

    Heater is no longer available.
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    Building an upper bunk/cot in pop-up truck camper

    Similar setups in a Flippac were rated to 160lbs (I think) and were made of metal, but I’m not sure if the limiting factor was the metal or the fabric or the attachment points. With that additional leg, yours looks more robust.
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    New Espar D2 (not S2/D2L) Diesel Heater - $800

    Standard install kit and controller.
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    The FSHTACO... 2017 Tacoma Pro (RSi SmartCap, CVT, Thule, Riversmith)

    What are your thoughts on these lights? They look like a good option, but I wasn’t sold on their operation. Does the control seem adequate? Also, is that red LED always on?
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    2011 Xterra pulling Turtleback expedition - trail performance

    Even with a much lighter trailer, 1000-1200lbs, I enjoyed having a brake controller in all conditions. Highly recommend the Redarc Tow Pro Elite.
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    Cook Partner Stove Bags?

    Blue Ridge Overland Gear. Very happy.
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    Cabinets in a FWC Raven Shell

    I received my ePVC sheet and agree that it requires some protection. I’ll be doing bedliner (Monstaliner) on the floor and vertical surfaces and carpet on the bench tops. I also considered laminate or coin floor and think those are great options too.
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    RV CO and Propane Detector

    Thanks @ripperj and @Pntyrmvr!
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    Heater Selection and Diesel Air Heater Install into Flippac

    You route the hose from the heater outlet or silicone elbow up into tent portion? Sanity check. I’m planning on having my heater push hot air out near the floor of the truck bed and I’m hoping convection will keep the tent portion warm. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    Moby vs SoCal Teardrop

    I think @VORSHEER has said they’ll support Moby owners. Might be worth the OP’s time to give them a call.
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    Looking for a side window for my flippac

    I’m also interested in the details of how ordering new windows goes down.
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    New Espar D2 (not S2/D2L) Diesel Heater - $800

    Brand new in box Eberspächer D2 Heater with DigiMax controller. This is the model you can add a high altitude kit onto (not included). Prefect for your RV, trailer, or van. Throw it in a toolbox to use with your RTT or tent. Local pick up in the Salt Lake City area preferred or buyer pays...
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    Heater Selection and Diesel Air Heater Install into Flippac

    How does this thing do heating up the sleeping space in the Flippac? I’m in the process of doing something very similar.
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    I decided to build my own Pop Top camper

    Oops! Happens… Is that ACM? Same as the outside, right?
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    DIY Composite Camper T100 Expedition Vehicle Build

    Super exciting to see! I was very skeptical of the 2 part PU foam, but you’ve figured out a great way to manage it. I can’t wait to see what comes next!
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    Chinook Pop-Top 4x4 on newer '93 Toyota chassis - $33k

    Why do you think it’s a hack job? I agree the price is high… but I’ve been floored by what’s selling these days.
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    RV CO and Propane Detector

    RV-type systems are new to me, but it’s not a question of if I get one - It’s a question of do I get a home battery-powered CO detector or an RV hardwired CO/propane detector. Additionally, what about a smoke detector? The most effective place for a smoke detector, up high, isn’t practical in...
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    RV CO and Propane Detector

    I’m in the fledgling stages of building out furniture in the truck bed under a Flippac camper. There will be a 12V diesel heater and propane will be stored inside always when we’re traveling and occasionally when we’re not cooking. Do I need an RV CO and/or propane detector? They certainly look...