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  1. prerunner1982

    Ham Radio Field Day

    For those new to Amateur Radio, Field Day is the largest ham radio event in North America. Clubs/Groups set up temporary stations and portable antennas and operate off back up power(battery/generator) to simulate a wide spread disaster. The event runs for 24 hours and each group tries to make as...
  2. prerunner1982

    SMS Text and Email via APRS using APRSdroid

    I have run APRS for awhile and have used it for tracking and sending messages to other APRS users and sending packets through the International Space Station, and while I have known that APRS was capable of sending SMS text and emails I had not looked into it until recently. APRSdroid is what I...
  3. prerunner1982

    Day of Dirt Adventure 2015 (Pic heavy thread)

    I know this isn't as grand an adventure as a lot of reports here, but none the less... If you aren't familiar with it the Day of Dirt Adventure (sometimes just referred to as the D.o.D.) it is a back road tour of Oklahoma's forgotten history. A group of mostly Jeeps convoy along a 50-80 mile...
  4. prerunner1982

    Blue Water LED Cyber 400S - review

    Blue Water LEDs has been making LED lights for boats and boat trailers for awhile, but they also make LED lights/lightbars for off road vehicles as well. Recently I had the opportunity to look at one of their Cyber Series 400S. First thing I noticed was how large this light is... from the...
  5. prerunner1982

    Where to mount ham radio in Jeep Cherokee?

    Going to run a dual band radio (Ft-8800r) with remote head and was just curious where everyone mounted each in their Jeep Cherokee. Trying to get ideas. Thanks.