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  1. llamalander

    How do you manage trash?

    I use ammo cans that go on the roof. No smell, critter proof, fits a small liner and can take a good amount of packing.
  2. llamalander

    RedArc vs Victron... REAL WORLD USE pros and cons?

    I think most of the Victron components I've seen are made in India, for what it's worth. How is REDARC support? I know Victron works to keep their products updated and communicating with each other pretty constantly, which is a plus.
  3. llamalander

    electric blankets 12V?

    I use a 12v. mattress pad heater, but usually only to heat the bed then off for the night--too warm to leave on sleeping with a comforter. If the truck is still running, the power comes from the alternator, otherwise 50-60w. from the battery/ hour Pretty great, also turn it on on cold mornings...
  4. llamalander

    First Aide kits for camping?

    Another way to think about it is what are you willing to fix? If your medical skills stop after cleaning and bandaging, get some antiseptic and bandages and painkillers. How about itches & burns? are you any good applying creams? There are some that work and are worth having. What do you think...
  5. llamalander

    Heater Selection and Diesel Air Heater Install into Flippac

    Nice write-up! I've been curious about these heaters and the Planar in particular, glad to learn they make both a high altitude version & an improved fuel pump. Your Gas can looks great too, especially with the quick connects, nice solution!
  6. llamalander

    Sandy: 2003 Land Cruiser 100 Series Build & Adventure Thread

    Congratulations on a new (old) house and a new (old) truck and a shop to park it in! I like the name Sandy too, much more graceful than Choppy, Grindy or Weldy ;) Looks like you're going to run low on things to clean/fix & paint, so maybe we'll get some more of your great trip reports again...
  7. llamalander

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    ... I think I follow, but if the trans temp is lower than the radiator, wouldn't you be using the transmission to cool the antifreeze? The towing package radiator is exclusively for the transmission, but it sits in front of the stock radiator and has no fan of its own. I'm looking for a good...
  8. llamalander

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    Good news about your mods--that got me thinking. I don't have a temp gauge for my transmission, but my truck came stock with the extra towing package radiator. The only problem I've had with it was the bypass hose burst in my driveway one night, luckily, there was plenty of hose to bypass the...
  9. llamalander

    2022 Nissan Frontier unveiled

    The fully boxed frame is impressive, good steel (if it isn't Spanish), stiff, and they worked hard to fit everything above it so it stays protected. The turning radius is crap, but I don't know enough to say that's a matter of the frame. While that is worth fixing, the rest of the frame performs...
  10. llamalander

    Brass vs metal bolts in an electric system

    The conductivity of any metal is probably less important than its corrosion resistance. Some dissimilar metals will inspire galvanic corrosion and brass is not one of them. Stainless should work fine. If you have any screw holes in the base of the shunt, use those. The base should be an...
  11. llamalander

    2011 CC LWB Frontier with Vagabond Drifter

    That looks great on your truck! Post up a few more pictures once you have it out in the wild-
  12. llamalander

    2022 Nissan Frontier unveiled

    Still working on breaking my '08- I don't need a new truck, just more gas! This looks pretty sweet though...
  13. llamalander

    Rocksea - EarthCruiser CORE Total Composites Build

    24" x 32" might be pretty tight if you have elbows or knees. Make yourself a box that size and see if you fit with your dirt on-- Or ponder a bating area defined by the pan & contained by a curtain?
  14. llamalander

    Fabrication - UHMW Polyethlylene Sheet

    McMaster Carr has some great info on various plastic properties; flexibility, hardness, impact resistance, tensile strength etc. Start with Plastics under the Raw Materials heading Once you start choosing materials, the properties can be seen or searched for in...
  15. llamalander

    BuhBye older Delicas…you can’t register them any more in Maine (is this the start of scary and problematic new trend?)

    Should Maine be compensating Delica owners for removing the utility and sale value of their vehicles? Even a reclassification may not get them out of that obligation. That minivan needs a lawyer! Obviously talking sense to the BMV isn't going to change anything-
  16. llamalander

    Titan swap too much for just overlanding?

    I have a Frontier with principally original parts and something like a 1.5"-2" lift to fit 33" tires on stock rims It's a camping rig, not a rock crawler, but I like to camp at the end of really bad roads. It's been like this for a few years and only now am I considering new upper control arms...
  17. llamalander

    V6 gasoline Chevy Colorado 2019, Summit Topper, Goose Gear, etc. $37,000

    Not a bad price for a Summit + Goose Gear and a camp table with a red Chevy attached! GLWS
  18. llamalander

    how to best protect 6 gauge 30 Adc power and ground under truck

    Thanks for the in-depth explanation of derating-- Not totally approachable to folks uninterested in arguing points of syntax. Luckily, Blue Sea makes a pretty good app/ charts for illustrating acceptable resistance when you design DC circuits that covers the interplay between amperage, voltage...
  19. llamalander

    Pinstripes and staying presentable

    It's true that a few pinstripes could look bad on an everyday vehicle, but when you add MaxTrax and a tire carrier on the back--everything changes! As long as you look like your about to leave civilization instead of coming back to it every scratch is a mark of cred. not weakness! The only way...
  20. llamalander

    how to best protect 6 gauge 30 Adc power and ground under truck

    Re. Flexible metallic conduit, it is designed and used to protect wires running to motors or other vibration sources, I've never taken apart a system that had damage from the conduit that wasn't caused by either the unprotected ends or destruction of the conduit itself. Any cable running between...