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    Wtb Ram HD 8 lug 17” aluminum rim (one)

    Looking for an aluminum 17” rim for a spare on my 2012 Ram 2500 Ok if it has minor cosmetic issues Would need shipped to 06415 Thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Hallmark Nevada

    Is there already a thread on this? Looks awesome, but almost $60k Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Joined the Hardside club

    Well I guess my Alaskan was a hardside, but this is my first Hardside non Popup :) I just bought this 2016 Northstar Adventurer from a local guy. It’s super clean, the previous owner hardly used it, never even put water in the tank and the fridge still has the stickers on it! It has the...
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    2000 Northstar TC800 In CT $6950-

    Here is my TC800 for sale. Clean and ready to use Lots of expensive upgrades (400watts solar, Victron solar controller , Magnum full sine charger/inverter) ( the solar pic was in progress , wires are properly secured)...
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    Northstar Adventurer question

    Is there a Northstar Adventurer and an Northstar Adventurer 8.5? Or are they the same camper. I’m looking at a 2016, just says Adventurer(no 8.5)the ladder is on the driver side. The fridge is forward on the driver side. I see some 8.5 pics where the fridge is all the way back on the passenger...
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    400 watt solar install on Northstar TC800

    Just few pics of my solar install, a bit fuzzy because it was through the screen Four 100 watt Renogy Mono panels , two panels in series , then the two sets parallel. 24v at 12 amps I used 2” 1/16” aluminum angle and 1/4”x1” stainless lags into the roof, with 1/4” aluminum pop rivets into the...
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    Shocks for Ram 2500 with camper?

    I need to get new shocks for my 2012 Ram 2500 with a Northstar Popup camper.(leafs in back) Thinking about going with Bilsteins , a couple guys at the parts place recommended Rancho 9000 Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Peer check on truck camper solar install

    Anyone want to see if this makes the most sense. Four 100w 12v Renogy mono panels 100/30 Victron SmartSolar controller Two 100ah Renogy agm batteries for now Magnum MMS1012 charger inverter Going on the roof of a Northstar TC800 truck camper I was going to connect two panels in series, then...
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    Picked up a Northstar TC800

    I picked up a 2000 Northstar TC 800 over the weekend. It’s in really nice shape for the age, was kept under a roof for much of its life. The seals need redoing and I ordered a bunch of misc that added up fast. Spent the day cleaning it, waiting on Geocel and Dicor It had dually brackets , so...
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    Anyone in New England want to split cost of a container from Total Composites?

    I’d like to order panels and windows for a camper build from Total Composites, but the shipping is currently prohibiting me. They ship the panels in a container (C-van) and the current cost from TC to Ohio was quoted as $8000, so certainly more to New England. Even prior to Covid , they said it...
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    Show us your brass pressure stove thread

    There are lots of stove threads , but I didn’t see one that was really just pictures. If I missed it...sorry. I was reading some replies in the recent SVEA 123 thread and didn’t want to derail it. Here a unfired Enders 9060 with all the tools, original fuel bottle, and even the little QC tag...
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    Alaskan 8’ cab-over project $2500 central Ct

    See my build thread for details, tons of pics. But short story is the lower section and cabover are 100% new. Upper section is 80% or more new. Lower section is all marine grade ply, glued and screwed. All appliances and equipment bought new for the build. My MIL did the cushions and curtains...
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    Combine truck to camper charge capability with winch feed?

    I just got a nice winch with receiver cradle and front and rear wiring kits. The wiring kits are 2 gauge wire with Anderson 175? Amp Connectors. I still don't have truck to camper charge capability (I can get 2-3 days off grid with 2 six v 224 ah AGM s) and currently rely on just shore power at...
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    Is Eternalbond tape EDPM?

    I'm trying to find out if I can use Geocel Proflex against Eternalbond tape? The Proflex says not for EDPM. I did some homework, but came up dry Thanks
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    Toyo Open Country AT2 285/75r17 on 2012 Ram2500

    I found a few people that are running these on newer Rams, but I could not verify that they didn't rub the upper control arms at full lock. Also will a spare fit in the stock location without modifying the heat shield for the muffler? Truck is stock suspension and rims, I have an Alaskan...
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    2012 Ram 2500 4x4 Hemi vibration issue

    My Ram has a decent vibration under hard braking. The truck is very smooth on the highway at 70. When the truck is moving slowly with the brake applied the vibration seems to be once per wheel rotation. You can feel the vibration in the brake pedal and steering wheel. It's enough to be annoying...
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    Sika 715 users??

    I'm seriously irritated right now. I used two whole tubes of Sika 715 to seal two Fantastic fans and a couple seams on the new roof of my Alaskan rebuild. It's been at least 48 hours and possibly 72 since I applied it and it's still sticky to touch. It holds its shape and if you push your finger...
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    white UV stable caulk that tools well?

    I'm looking for a good sealant that is white, UV stable and a bead can be nicely smoothed out. It's for around hose/electrical connections and clearance lights etc on a new build.(not on the roof) The camper is painted Aluminum. I have been using 3m 4000, but that was to seal between two...
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    Charging Truck Camper batteries via 120v from truck

    I figured this must have come up, but search didn't find much. I have a truck camper on a 2500 Crew Cab truck. It's a lot of big wire to get from my truck alternator/ battery back to the camper bank. I have a Magnum charger/inverter in the camper, 88 percent efficient. A typical 2000 watt...
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    2000w Inverter Charger price choke

    I have yet to do the electric in my Alaskan truck camper build. I had decided that I would spend what was necessary to do a quality build, 2 AGM GC2, solar, shore power etc. I never thought a 2000w intverter charger would cost $3200!(Sensata Dimension 12NP20) I found cheaper Tripplites for $800...