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    Easy clean up meals?

    Hey folks, what's your go to meals for car camping that don't require scrubbing or plenty of water? I have a griddle/scottle and the requisite cast iron cookware. I'm not a big fan of super saucy dishes 'cause they take a while to clean.
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    Last resort fire starter?

    Wondering if anyone’s using road flares for fire starter? Here in the PNW it’s always wet so thinking of adding something that’ll start a fire no matter the conditions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone familiar with ComeUp DV-6s winch

    Haven't been able to find much info on this winch: "Only" 6k pull single line, but that's plenty for my vehicle (5k GVWR) and comes with a 2" receiver mounting already. Haven't heard about ComeUp before...
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    Synthetic pants and campfires?

    Hey ya'll, looking to invest in some hunting pants for the upcoming season. These caught my eye...
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    solar charge controller as a dc-dc charger?

    I've got a solar charge controller and I've also got an old 19+v laptop charger. I've hooked up the laptop charger to the solar input on the solar charge controller and it seems to work to charge the battery. Is there any reason I shouldn't be doing this? Solar charge controller is design to...
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    External connectors for a LiFePO4 battery box (anderson, XT-60)?

    Hello everyone, Building a LiFePO4 battery box. The box will be self contained and move between various vehicles. I anticipate having the following external connections: - USB/12v cigarette (these are easy enough) - Solar In (to a solar charger that lives inside the box) - Mains in (to charge...
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    Anyone familiar with overland vehicle systems roof top tents?

    Went to order a Smittybilt Overlander XL and turns out that our preferred store doens't sell them anymore. Instead they are now recommending Overland Vehicle Systems (OVS) tents. When I asked why, they said that both Smittybilt and OVS tents are made in the same factory but OVS is a better...
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    Solar panels in the 50-100w range?

    Afternoon everyone, Looking for some specific suggestions for a solar panel. Currently travelling with a 500Wh home made lithium pack and interested in being able to recharge it. I live in the pacific north west so I suspect a 100 watt panel is likely the minimum I should go for. I need...
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    Doghouse trailer reviews?

    Is anyone familiar with Doghouse trailers? About half of the weight of the Smittybuilt Scout. Talked to the owner and it is a china import. Wondering if anyone knows about them. Very similar to cost to Smittybuilt, but will come preassembled with some nice accoutrements already. Thoughts?
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    free standing canopy suggestions?

    Howdy ya'll, Any advice for a free standing canopy? Living in pacific northwest, it's gotta be somewhat water resistent (water proof?). Optional walls would be lovely for really bad weather. I've been eyeing e-z up. Any thoughts? Even amazon has AmazonBasics canopy now..
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    aux lights and daytime running lights

    Good afternoon everyone. Any tips on how to wire in auxiliary lamps to be used by existing vehicle controls? My initial plan was to wire into the high beams. This makes it legal for road use. Upon further investigation I found out that daytime running lights module does something funky at the...
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    Who makes decent 20" lightbars

    Hello friends, I'm trying to add some aux lighting to my vehicle. To that end I purchased a $50 20" lightbar off amazon. It looks decent, but I measured the current draw it turned out it was pulling 4 amp at 12V which would make it at 48 watt lightbar when the seller advertised it as a 120 watt...
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    Temperature readout

    I'd like to add an outside temperature readout somewhere in the vehicle. I know there are optional mirrors I can buy, but at ~200USD I'm looking for a cheaper option. Having trouble finding anything on the forums, but surely there must be something. Thanks
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    Delorme InReach without subscription, does it still function as a standalone GPS?

    Hey all, I'm looking at purchasing an Inreach of some sort but the majority of the time I will not require the satcom functionality. In "standby subscription mode", will it still function as a bluetooth GPS for my ipad?
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    mini portable backpacker grill on kickstarter

    Here it is, I thought it was pretty interesting: Vs existing grilliput (cheaper @ $30): From reviews...
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    custom bumper reliability

    Howdy everyone! I'm curious how small custom fabrication shops ensure that their bumpers and recovery points are up to spec and won't shear under load? Part of the reason I'm interested in this, is because a vehicle I'm researchign (nissan xterra) doesn't have any obvious recovery points. My...
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    “Malfunctioning” Satellite messengers

    Hello everyone, Linking to a blog post by a local SAR guy that I think might be of interested to this community: I thought it was pretty interesting and highlights some of the edge cases when using these devices.
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    What is it like to own a unimog?

    Hello friends, Apologies for a slightly clueless title, but that's basically what I am. I've been eyeing unimogs for a few years now but I'm curious about people who own them (or any ex-military vintage vehicle I guess). I'm an IT guy so I have very little experience wrenching on my own...
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    OEM or aftermarket trailer brake controller for an F150?

    Hi everyone, My 2010 F150 came prewired for a trailer brake controller - as far I understand it's a simple plugin. Now, should I bother with the OEM controller which is roughly 3-4 times the cost ($400 vs $100)? I know OEM controller will integrate nicely visually and it will display some info...
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    12th gen F150s

    What can you guys tell me about the latest F150s (2009 onwards)? I'm considering looking for a lightly used one for a new family trip vehicle. We barely fit into our Nissan XTerra. A 6 seater (bench in front) plus plush ride (compared to say RAM 1500) is a plus. We mostly do FSRs so I'm not...