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    Looking for help finding the right camper

    Hey folks, I've looked at (I think) all the major brands but was wondering if anyone had advice for me. Everything I've seen to date is either big enough but built like a winnebago with old style systems or modern but not big enough for me to sleep in (four wheel camper, etc). I'm looking for...
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    Good iPad mount?

    Hey, does anyone have an iPad mount they're happy with? Any pics? This is for a 2014 Fuso FG. Thanks!
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    1989 VW Vanagon Westfalia with 45,500 miles

    Hello, I'm selling one of the nicest condition westies you will find. It's the second nicest I've ever seen. I've owned the van for 3 years and put around 10k miles on it traveling around the south west. It's in well maintained and excellent shape ready for your adventures. The only reason I'm...
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    Deadman Anchor vs Pull Pal & Synthetic Replacement Line

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together a minimal self recovery setup. I'll mostly be traveling without other vehicles in the desert and so I'm looking at either: or The RW16000...
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    New FG Owner with Newbie Questions

    Hello everyone, longtime reader excited to be a new poster. :) I just picked up a 2014 FG / ECFX. The truck has 49k miles on it and I wouldn't say the previous owner took very good care of it (east coast truck). I've only driven it about 1000 miles so far, but I wanted to ask about a few...
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    FG4x4 5.285 vs 5.714 ratios

    Hello, Does anyone have experience with the 5.285 gear ratio? It seems like most folks prefer the 5.714 on the current truck. I'm trying to balance cruising speed with off-road ability and it's hard to tell from reading about it what it would be like given the duonic gearbox. Thanks!
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    Fuso w/ custom Four Wheel Campers box?

    Swiped from a Vanagon group I'm in; I thought this was really interesting. I didn't know Four Wheel Campers would even do custom work. Their pop tops are normally manual, too, which makes this one awful big...
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    Anyone going to Overland Expo West? Trail ride?

    Hi is anyone planning on taking their G to Overland Expo? I'm considering driving out from LA. Would like to do some (safe w/ no desert pinstripes. truck is still new to me.) offroading while I'm there. Anyone know of good trails or interested in meeting up? Thanks!
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    2017 / 2018 Fuso FG4x4 Qs?

    Hi, Anyone know if the 2017 Fuso still has a one speed t-case and dual clutch gearbox? I've seen some comments in for sale ads that something changed after 2016. I went down to the local dealership this weekend and they've never even seen the 4x4 and had no info. Apparently Mitsubishi didn't...
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    Can anyone compare GXV and Earthcruiser?

    Recently on ebay was a few year old GXV fuso (pangea hard sided lifting roof) that went unsold at $170k. Other than the obvious layout differences (GXV has a much bigger, separate wet bathroom), it's kinda hard to tell from afar how to compare the two. I'm considering an EC FX (as well as kind...