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    Doka Syncro source for parts

    Hi , I was just the winning bidder on a 1986 Volkswagen Doka Syncro at an auction . Can you recommend a good parts source for this vehicle in the US or better yet Canada ? There is a good place in England , but that must get pretty pricey .Thanks
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    Electrical backup hookup

    Hi all ,so i have a question for the electrical smart people on here . I have a 2008 Sprinter van ,it was a former fire command and investigation unit . The unit is already wired with led lights and plugins . Everything is powered up through a solenoid when you turn the key on .The unit has the...
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    2008 Dodge sprinter last build

    Hi I have just picked up a 2008 3500 dodge sprinter high top. It was a fire rescue truck ,and only has 40,000 miles on it . My plan is to do a camper build . My question is ,it has twin rear wheels and tires . Will this be OK for light off road ? Or should i be going to single rear wheels ? Is...
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    Costco RTT back on sale

    Anyone interested , Roof top tents are on for $1,699.99. $300 bucks off ends 12-2-19
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    electrical help

    So I am just installing the electrical system in my Gear trailer . this is my question . when installing the inverter there is a second ground lug . can this be hooked to the negative terminal ? I will give a run down of what I have so far . two T105 6V in series 12V right . this feeds and...
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    Max Coupler

    Hi I have just finished the install of my new max Coupler . I would like to provide some experience gained from this . This thread is not intended to bash CU or max . So I ordered Part # 210 . It is a bolt on to a 2 inch tubing style . I have a new aluminum 4 x 8 trailer it has 2 x 4 box tube...
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    Any one out there work at a GMC or chev dealership .

    Hi ,I am looking for the part number for a multi switch for a 2009 GMC Serra 1500. with cruse control . My truck did not come with cruse control . I watched some videos were guys just add the switch plug in the extra lead and add the 15 amp fuse . and it works . I bought one on Amazon CA and...
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    Rubicon or Sahara

    so I went by my local jeep dealer today to see if they had any used JK unlimited in stock . They only had one . what they did have is a left over brand new 2017 Sahara fully loaded with leather . he also had a brand new 2019 Rubicon loaded ,black beautiful rig . so this is part of the question...
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    Mitsubishi Delica JB 500 refit from Cute to Mean

    Hi all ,I want to start a new Tread on Jesse Farsang old camper . My goal is to turn it into an Expo or overlander . Jesse had did a good job of bringing the camper to a dependable state . I wish to change and prep it for a trip to Alaska and the Yukon...
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    any JB 500 out there

    Hi all ,I am wondering if there are many Jb500 owners on the site . I have just purchased one in Nova Scotia ,drove it back to my home in Ontario this week .Bad snow storm most of the way . I would like to meet other owners to share tips and advice, how to source parts that kind of stuff ...