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  1. Hummelator

    Batteries-sufficient venting?

    I was planning to wire in batteries to my trailer this week. The plan was to have two GC2 6V batteries found here and wire my battery charger and a plug in for shore power all inside of the camper. I am now learning this this particular type of battery needs to be vented. I have a maxxfan...
  2. Hummelator

    How do you keep your winch secure?

    I recently purchased a warn winch and Fab Four winch mount. My father in law mentioned that he always had issues with people trying to steel his winch so he tack welding the nut to the bolt. The way the winch bolts to the mount I don't think I'd have space to get a welder in there and a...
  3. Hummelator

    Fab fours winch mount

    Does anyone have a fab fours winch mount on their rig? Just ordered a warn VR 10000 winch and need a mount and I'm leaning towards the aforementioned mount. If you have one, do you like it?
  4. Hummelator

    Diesel toys- Toyota Diesel engine swaps

    Found these guys yesterday They swap Diesel engines into toyotas for a small fortune. If I had money I'd consider it but as long as my collar is blue, 'twill be but a pipe dream Thoughts?
  5. Hummelator

    Power supply systems?

    I am building a tear drop trailer and would like to have it wired for power. Would be running an ARB fridge and a few led lights when dark. And Maybe a fan vent when sleeping. Would like it to have a solar recharge system. I am aware of ark pak's exsistance but havn't done much research yet...
  6. Hummelator

    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Recently decided to start building an off-road tear drop. I've been playing with the idea now for a year or two. I've scoured this site and others to Come up with a design that would fit my needs. I decided to build from the ground up so I will be building a 5'Wx9'L frame made from 2x3x1/8...
  7. Hummelator

    Off-road tear drop trailer material size?

    I've finally decided to build an off-road teardrop trailer. Will be building the trailer frame also. Which brings me to my question. What size material should I build with? I would prefer to use 2"X3"X 3/16" steel tube to build the main frame. Which would cost me about $400 for materials...