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    Rovid's Trial Run

    Just finished a 350 mile shakeout in our new 110 and have some first impressions. We bought the new Defender with the following primary need: has to serve as a daily driver on the weekdays (often with clients in the car), and be able to hang for our weekend lifestyle which is a lot of hiking...
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    LC 200 length behind front seats?

    Good morning, We are looking at our next platform and an important factor is sleeping inside the vehicle. For the 200s, I know we would need to do a full rear seat removal. Does anyone have the length of the cargo area from behind the front seats to the door? Trying to figure out how it would...
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    Autology Motors?

    Does anyone have any experience with using them for bringing an old Rover stateside? They help to import used Rovers primarily from Spain and have some excellent looking examples. If anyone knows more about their process and product, please feel free to reply or PM me, thank you.
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    '02 vs. '03 different do they feel?

    Curious to know people's thoughts here. I know that the engine is different, and that the '03s+ have the stability control, but for those of you who know Monteros well, how noticeable is the power delivery between the 2 years in everyday driving? If you were looking for a do-everything vehicle...
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    What to look for on test drive of used Montero's

    I'm in the market for a cheap used ride, looking at 96-01 Monteros. I'll be looking at a few vehicles this weekend, and curious to ask the experts here about what general items to look for when "kicking tires" on the Monteros? I won't be able to take a deep dive on the truck, just looking for...