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    Hella 4000s

    If it has a relay, it should be fine...
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    ALL SOLD: Inno Lowdown Cruiser roof box, NATO fuel can, deep cycle battery.

    Will you ship the nato can? If so, I will take it. I have a home or business address and i will pay shipping.
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    Hella AS200 Work Lights Xenon/HID

    $100 shipped?
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    Hella 4000 lights

    I am interested too...
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    FS- 38 inch Maxxis Creepy Crawlers on 15 inch rims near Vancouver BC

    I could use these too, but shipping must be a ton...
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    Land Rover Range Rover lug nuts

    Black or chrome?
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    Suunto Essential Copper- $750

    Can't you just return it? Really nice watch.
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    2 man nylon backpacking tents

    Jay, I will take them... Scott
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    Norcold MRFT40 Used Testing

    So, what happened when you called Norcold? Did they tell you where you could send it?
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    LED lantern

    I will take the hose and adapter.. $25 shipped?
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    WTB ARB transit bag

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    FS: Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 10' x 14' Tent New

    Does it have the side windows? Is it the deluxe?
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    DEFENDER 130 I might be selling soon

    Don't sell it....ever.
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    Fenix HP15 Headlamp (500 Lumens)

    $40 shipped? PP as gift?
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    Kodiak canvas 8-person tent, bunk cots and XXL cot & pad

    Very cool set up... Does the tent have side windows? Is it the deluxe?
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    Kodiak Canvas tent 10'x14' like new!!

    Hmmm. Going to URE?
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    Kodiak Canvas tent 10'x14' like new!!

    How long does it take to set up? My cabela geo 8 takes forever...
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    Snatch block

    $30 shipped?
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    Outdoor Basics Chuckbox -self contained Kitchen storage by Camp Comfort

    Meet in URE? Put me in the mix if it falls apart.