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  1. camp4x4

    The Camp 4x4 Bus - 1973 Suburban 8.1 Swap & Build

    A few have asked for a build thread on my upcoming project, so, here it is. :wings: I'll also be posting photos regularly on my Instagram account - @Camp4x4 Background For the last few years I've been building a 1987 Chevy Suburban into a fantastic truck for camping and moderate to extreme off...
  2. camp4x4

    WTB: 1973-1975 Chevy Suburban

    I'm looking for a 1973-1975 Chevy Suburban for a project vehicle. Required: 4x4 - not really interested in converting a 2WD to 4WD Fairly or completely rust-free Running and driving enough to travel to San Jose, CA Preferred but not required: Barn doors Located in western states - I don't feel...
  3. camp4x4

    Offroad & Overland Amateur Radio Net - Bay Area + IRLP

    Originally posted to the CA - NV Regional forum but thought it better here since we're on IRLP and open to anyone anywhere. I asked a couple mods to move the thread but since I don't see that happening I'm creating a new one. Apologies for any confusion. NET IS ON HOLD - NO NETS WILL BE HAD...
  4. camp4x4

    Bay Area Offroad / Overland Amateur Radio Net

    THREAD MOVED TO COMMUNICATIONS FORUM Please continue the conversation there!