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    O'erlanderwagen build

    Just curious, why don't you trust the LC for long drives? Is it just abused and tired? Having owned both, I would trust both of our old 80 Series and our current 100 with myself (and my family's) lives - in fact, I have and I do. Not trying to troll, your statement just stood out for me. In...
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    Getting back in the game again - Shopping for 100-Series (#2)

    Congrats! Don't forget 2003+ has the option of side and curtain airbags. We waited specifically for a 2004 because they made the rear camera available that year, which we wanted for safety reasons (not backing up, but making sure there were no kids or toys back there). So some compelling...
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    Are they as good as they say?

    I agree with this, though in recent years things appear to be getting better now that they've removed the bean counter and put a real engineer back in charge of the company. BTW, 80 and 100 Series Land Cruisers "routinely" complete the CSR with no problems and both are now very cheap to buy. I...
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    Roof Access Lader for Mercedes-Benz G-wagen

    Karl - Nice work as usual. Will it fit on a 460 (mainly wondering about tail lamp shape/size)? Thanks,
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    g wagon lift kits

    The Canadian trucks (which are lifted) have relocated control arm mounts from the factory. If you ever crawl under one of them, you'll notice that the brackets now hang down below the bottom of the frame rails. A compromise for off-roading, but it does solve the geometry problem rather elegantly.
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    80 series lc

    Remember, as someone else said, apples to oranges. Know your intended purpose. The Jeep has a WAY different intended purpose than the 80...
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    What LC would you suggest?

    I wouldn't necessarily say that the 80 is more reliable than the 100. But it is definitely easier to maintain (and repair) "in the bush" (or "on the trail"). It (the 100) is certainly a more plush ride than the 80. No doubt, a better daily driver and kid hauler. `03+ got six airbags in...
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    Looking for a good FJ-80 91-93

    You're going to put portals on it? Sweet, but not exactly cost effective...
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    Overland Journal: G-Wagen

    My kids' college fund...
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    Overland Journal: G-Wagen

    I have a crated OM617A waiting to go into my truck...
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    Overland Journal: G-Wagen

    x2 I don't even want to think about what I've got in my truck right now. However, it is Scott's 460 LWB in white, and it's a California titled and registered diesel, so I figure that's worth something...
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    Noob TLC Questions

    If you omit the light duty Land Cruisers (which I do), then yep, 1998 was the year. I do agree on the assessment to go 2000 or later. You can always add ARB air lockers to both axles to make up for losing the rear factory e-locker, but you cannot (very easily) add all that electronic traction...
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    Idiocy defined.

    Hey wait... .45ACP vs. 9mm. Ford vs. Chevy Creationism vs. Evolution Republicans vs. Democrats Yankees vs. Red Sox Keystone vs. Hamms ...what else can we throw on the fire? ;)
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    Idiocy defined.

    That was the first semi-automatic pistol I ever fired. Buddy of mine thought it would be funny to have me "pop my cherry" (so to speak) with that hand cannon. Everything was a pea-shooter after that...
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    Idiocy defined.

    Glock inferior??? What are you smoking Scott??? ;) edit: Glock 21 and 30, full of sand, no cleaning, hundreds of rounds through them, they go bang every time, just like an AK! Perfect chambering, too! :beer:
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    Idiocy defined.

    BTW, if you look at the thread in the 70/80 vs. G-Wagen thread in the G section, he posts pics of his Gurkha. Check out the front suspension. Stupidest thing I've ever seen. There's almost like a box frame built around the axle and hubs. Not sure why, but not only does it mess up ground...
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    Idiocy defined.

    Yeah, but he thinks Land Cruisers suck anyway (see recent posts on the G-Wagen forum). Talk about idiocy! At least LC owners are not over there trolling, as he is here.
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    G-Wagen vs. TLC 70/80

    Thanks Scott! A well-reasoned response.
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    Pics of my new Nato cans

    Our lovely Air Resources Board has deemed them as "evil"... BTW, on all of my NATO cans, there is place next to the spout to mount these neat little metal plates that designate whether the content is diesel, petrol, kerosene, whatever. You just insert the proper plate in the holder to ID the...
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    G-Wagen vs. TLC 70/80

    Wow, this guy is unbelievable! Hey Gurkha, I don't know if you have selective memory or what, but reading is FUNdamental! Go back and read my previous post, then go back and read post #15 in this thread, where you start harping on how weak the Cruiser is. There was no problem with this thread...