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  1. J

    Got a new 9mm

    She is a laser beam! A full mag dump of 21 head shots at 25 yards is laughably easy, even with my terrible eyesight
  2. J

    GX460 Trailer Brake Questions

    My GX came pre wired with a connector under the dash & a pigtail in the glove box but does anybody know if there is a "hot line" already run to the factory plug on the bumper? Or does that pigtail need to be connected to an installed controller to complete the circuit & make it all work out...
  3. J

    New GX460 Front Bumper Option

    I've never heard of this iron man 4x4 brand, but at least somebody is selling a legit option for front end protection & recovery on 460s. Wonder if you still have to cut plastic to make it work?
  4. J

    Lexus GX OR Concept

    By now I'm sure everyone has seen this story on the home page & in the past few days it has posted to several other mainstream sites, along with a YouTube video from Lexus. Soooooooo... What do yall think--Love it or hate it? I personally like it, but dont know how necessary those aluminum...
  5. J

    What size does this tire look like?

    The dealer says it is the stock tire size, which it obviously is not. But I like the look, any ideas what size we're looking at?
  6. J

    Defender 110 for sale in Houston

    Forgive if these aren't rare & sought after anymore, I'm not a rover guy, but I passed by a local used car lot by my office & they have sea foam green 110 if anyone is interested. The lot is at 290 & karbach street, just North of Mangum but I could not tell the name of the dealership. I could...
  7. J

    Lexus GX 460 & 470 owner's thread

    So we're all used to seeing the GX represented as a compromise between those who can't or won't spend the cash on a Land Cruiser & those who need something larger or more powerful than a 4runner. I say that's all BS. The GX is a goldilocks SUV in my mind, so here's a thread dedicated to all...
  8. J

    Talk me out of trading my pro4x fronty for a new Armada

    I like them more & more every time I see one, but my frontier only has 98k on it...
  9. J

    2014 GX460, Things to Know?

    Driving a few of these today & wondering if the expo faithful could lend me some knowledge? I'm a nissan guy but this one is for the wife & I hear they're fantastic. It's a good clean low mileage version with everything except the Tv's in the headrest...Seriously doubt we need those... Anyhow...
  10. J

    Frontier headlight lamp replacement--Terrible Design

    What kinda @$$h0le makes a headlight design like that?! You can't get a hand in there, much less do it without breaking some glass. And that ridiculous plastic ring is the terrible. What if you had to change a lamp on the road--You'd be SOL, that's what. Now I have to take this up to an...
  11. J

    '08 200 series, 180k--What should I pay?

    Nice truck, what's it worth:
  12. J use one?

    I need some rooftop storage to accommodate the mother-in-law on our next trip from TX to the San Juans, but a hard sided carrier is not in the budget. Plus I have nowhere to store one of those mammoths. My wife & I always end up filling the bed with gear ourselves & it has a soft cover. I don't...
  13. J

    Calmini Suspension & Bumpers

    This is one brand I never see anyone around here using. Anybody have a specific issue with their products? I've been drooling over their frontier rear tube bumper & side step rails. Is it junk?
  14. J

    New Mercedes X-class to be built on Navara Chassis

    Can't get the link to post, but anybody else see that Mercedes Benz is using the new Navara as its donor for the X-class mid size pickup in Australia & South Africa, due 2018? Not bad looking in off road trim, but the specs are questionable...
  15. J

    2016 AWD Rogue Expo Platform...Would ya?

    Single speed AWD, unibody, low ground clearance & limited soft-reader credentials, but just pretend somebody GAVE you one for free. What would you do to it, where would you start? Strictly academic
  16. J

    Pro 4x Frontier Roof Capacity

    Who knows the max roof load for a 2012 frontier with factory roof rack?
  17. J

    Level & lift? Lift only? Level only? Help me decide!

    In the market for suspension work. I only load a few hundred pounds in the bed of my Nissan frontier Pro 4x about 20 days a year, it's an empty daily driver the rest of the time. Should I lift both ends or just level? Or both? My main concern is riding too nose-high when loaded & I actually need...